Friday, February 03, 2012

Wow... Time flies!

I just noticed that I haven't blogged since August. Well all I can say about the last few months is "holy cow!!!" I don't think I have picked up my camera in a few months... those of you who know me well know that that is a little strange. I usually have it in my purse and am constantly making my kids and everyone around them pose.

There are many novels I could write about the last few months... but this condensed few paragraphs will have to do.

Jacob started 4th grade at Utah Virtual Academy (some call it "home school" but it is far from that)... long story for another time... I love it, I hate it, It is the best, It is the worst, overall... a great experience! This was the main source for my blogging absence... any extra time I used to have was all put into Jacob's schooling. He also played football, is now playing in two different basketball leagues, in scouts, and has to play with friends everyday or he feels very deprived!!! Oh, I forgot to mention he could be a sportscaster on ESPN he keeps us all up to date on the NFL and NBA happenings.

Ireland started 2nd grade...loves every minute of it. (I help in her class 2 times a week and I am her PE teacher every Wednesday) she played soccer this fall, and was in a community play "Cinderella" and had a blast. She, like Jacob, thrives on playing with friends... she can often be found singing at the top of her lungs to "kids bop" She loves doing crafts and projects... when I can't find the scissors, stapler, or any other office supply I know it is hiding somewhere in her room... I am a little worried I have a horder on my hands... she keeps everything! Our monthly declutter of her room often results it 1-2 garbage bags full of random items and papers that were stuffed in cracks and corners. Iree is thoughtful... Mark and I receive constant notes from her saying we are the best mom/dad in the world... I love my little girly girl... P.S. She did get a volleyball for Christmas... I still have high hopes!

Mason is a riot... He started pre-school and loves it!! He goes 3 times a week but would love to go more. He has a best friend Ike,who he plays with almost every day. When he is not playing with Ike he can play with his cars, trains and trucks for hours all by himself... He is also content just hanging out with me... I love that about him! Mace played tee-ball in the fall and is fast becoming a good basketball player... He rides his bike constantly and loves video games. His happy, funny attitude is a blessing for our family. We love our little guy and I can't wait to see what he becomes!

Me... I am crazy...crazy busy... yep I am... that about sums it up.

Mark is super busy with work... and working out... he is getting big and not fat-big... muscle big. He is playing hockey,volleyball, an occational basketball game and flag football. He works hard at anything he is involved in. He is a great dad and hubby...We all love going to his games and we all love when daddy is home!

So much was left out... but time flies... and sometimes you just can't catch up.

Starting off the New Year!

My little Mace Man was so sick... It is so hard to tell when he is because he is always so happy... he never complains.

I decided to take him in after two days of fever... they said he had strep so I got meds and of course took him skiing two days later... (I know, I am the worst mom) like I said... you can't tell when he doesn't feel well because he is so happy.

Over the weekend he wasn't getting better... he had a fever every time I let the meds run out so on Monday I took him in again. He had had a fever for 6 days even after being on antibiotics.

My doctor was super concerned...His oxygen was low... he was having an asthma attack and he was pretty sure he had pneumonia. They gave him a breathing treatment right then. He sent us to run a bunch of tests at Primary Children's... They took an x-ray of his chest and saw that it was pneumonia.

We had to go back to the doctors to get an antibiotic shot because of some alergies he has to certain meds. This is how he looked an hour later...

Great!!! After trying 4 different Antibiotics and too many other meds we finally got it settled... The sad part is the medicine we ended up with tasted like "POO" he had to take it 3 times a day for 10 days... he was such a trooper. He would almost puke every time he took it. I love this little guy and am so glad that he is doing better now.


Seriously... It's a blast with these kids?

My little Mason is growing up so fast. This is a picture of him on his first lift ride up the mountain... no fear in this little man. He is a pro skier now... I am just worried because he doen't seem to know that you can go "too fast"... he is always pushing the limits.

Iree up at the top of Alta. We had a mommy-daughter ski day... She liked the part where we were standing still... other than that she was screaming at me... I am sure she will be passing me up soon. Love this girl!

Jacob isn't in any pictures because he just takes off on his own... he says we are way too slow.