Monday, January 02, 2017

Jacob's New Car. 1/1/17

Grandma Linda and Jon came to visit and the kids are always so excited to see them.  They arrived at 1:00am New Years Day.  As usual Mark and I kept them up talking until 4:00am.  They brought some Christmas presents for all of us to open.  They are always so thoughtful about their gifts and it is truly appreciated.  After we were all done, Jon said, "there is one more gift.". Jacob proceeded to open the gift.  It was a title to a 2004 Jeep Cherokee.  He was so so excited!!!  He gave them both hugs and we went out to check out the new ride.  What a generous and amazing gift.  That night we took it for a little test drive and he did pretty good. 

New Year's Dinner. 1/1/17

We had a yummy dinner at Applebee's with Grandma Linda and Jon.  Playdough is the key to keeping the Bean busy while we waited for the food.  We made a family of snails.  They also had these fun little quiz games at the table.  Good Times!

Happy New Year 1/1/17

New Years Eve was an adventure this year.  Mark, me and Ireland woke up in Idaho and worked hard to finish the improvements on Michelle's house. (Another post) Todd and Anna were watching Jacob, Mason and Sabine.  We picked them up at 8:00pm, we dropped off  the kids off at various parties and I started to clean up our house up in prep for our next guests (Grandma Linda and Jon). Just before Midnight I realized I needed a few groceries so I decided to go get them on my way to pick up the kids from their parties.  As I got to the checkout line I heard a few people in the store doing the countdown...yes, I was in line at Walmart for the New Year!  Happy 2017!

Jan 1st, 2017

I am so excited for 2017!  New goals, growing kids, and a healthy family, mind and body. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Family Pictures Fall 2015

Family Pictures are always fun...not!  Coordination outfits is not my favorite thing to do so it is always a process.  Planning around the mood swings of a 2 year old is a challenge as well.  I love seeing how much the kids grow and change every year... well worth the headache!

Demolition Derby Fall 2015

Mace has loved cars and trucks from the moment he was born... for his birthday we went to the Demolition Derby... Lots of destroyed cars, trucks and flying dirt.  Can't get any more white trash then a Demo Derby, we had a blast.

Buddies Fall 2015

Bean and Brooks don't always get along but moments like this give me hope for the future.

Sabine's 2nd Birthday September 2015

Sabine was so happy to all of the play food from Grandma Linda and to have a Minnie Mouse.  We went to the Farnworths to celebrate Mark, Mason and Bean's birthdays and had a blast as always

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Because a lot of the family is planning on having Thanksgiving at the in-laws we decided to do a Pre Thanksgiving.  Everyone was there except for Grandma and Grandpa because they're on their mission, Austin on his mission and Lasca and Brogan not able to make it.  We had good food and lots of fun.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Cub Scout

I love seeing Mace grow up...He is my "little guy" I still picture him as a 5 year old (he is 8 now) and am constantly shocked at how fast time is flying by.  I love how kind, respectful and sweet my Mace Man is.

As Mace was getting his Bobcat award they call the mom's up so the boys can give there mom a pin and say thank you for helping... as Mace was giving me the pin he said "mom, I should actually give the pin to dad because he is the one who helped me."  So cute and thoughtful. my Mace Man.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Day

Christmas Eve

Building with Grandpa

Christmas Eve Party 2013