Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Lake Powell June 2010,
2 weeks on a house boat with 2 awesome families and endless fun. We didn't even get sick of anyone... it was that good!
I love Lake Powell!
Trampoline Wars!!

I almost got it... but I think Scott won.

Surfing... still my favorite!

Mason and Grayson...
can you beleive that Mace is actually the older one.
I think Mace only got into the water 3 times in the whole 2 weeks... he was content squirting people with the squirt gun and riding on the boat.

Wake Kite!!!

The new toy was a blast... I will add some better pictures of Mark sailing through the air... I need to get them from Heather.

Just hanging...

The Group getting ready to head home...

We had Heidi's 5 staying for a few days. We always load our days with parks and fun when they are here...

I love these kids... I love having them around... I love how much fun they are.

Park Hopping
I think we hit 6 different parks... everyone had their favorite and we hit them all.

Pib!!! Sweet, Cute... and helped me solidify my decision to not have a dog... Thanks Pib.