Monday, June 30, 2008

Home Grown
Always Tastes Better

Iree picking peas... not many make it home.

Because we don't have much spare yard space for a garden we have a spot at the community gardens. It is very close to our house and has been a fun activity for me and the kids. For a while I thought my first attempt was going to fail but after some advice and miracle grow from my dad... everything is thriving.

This is our first tomato... I can't wait
for Mason and Iree to devour it... they are
both tomato maniacs!

Here it is... I know it is small but I don't think I could manage much more right now. We have peas, yellow squash, zucchini, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, yellow onions, red onions, cilantro, jalapeƱo peppers, red peppers , green peppers and corn. I just discovered that my corn wont work with one row because it has to cross pollinate so I guess it is just for looks.

Sunday at the Park
We found another new park. It had this huge climbing structure... the kids had a blast. I had to stop Mason from going too high. He would have gone right to the top. He doesn't let much get in his way.

Outdoor Volleyball Tournament

I got together with some old UVSC teammates and played in a tournament. Tasha was my partner and Jenn and Mari played together. It was so fun... just like old times, we are all laughs. Tasha and I ended up taking 2nd... we totally choked in the finals. We will play in a few more this summer and hopefully keep it together in the finals so we can win a ball and some more cash!!!
I am so sore and I love it!!! I miss this feeling from my college days.

Mari, Jenn, Jen and Tasha

Fun with the Cousins
"Wading" at Oquirrh Lake

Brogan's Softball Tournament

We spent Friday in Tooele at my niece Brogan's Softball Tournament. We had a good time hanging out under the canopy. Brogan got some great hits and is becoming a great player. Her dad would be so proud of how she played. He was insistent that she doesn't throw like a girl. Well, she doesn't ... she has a great arm. Good Job Brogan!

"I might be little... but, I have more energy than you all."

Recently, Mason's doctor, Mark and I have been a little concerned with his size. At his 18 month check up he hadn't gained any weight or height in 6 months. The doctor was mostly concerned about the height. We went for testing at Primary Children's. They tested for Cystic Fibrosis and 5 other blood work tests. All the tests came back normal. Doctor's Conclusion...He is just a little, healthy, busy guy!
We have to do a weigh in every 6 weeks for a while so we can record his growth pattern. This is Mason at his first weigh in. I am so excited to report he GAINED A POUND he is now a whopping 21.3 lbs. He also grew a little on the height chart. Already making progress... way to go Mace!

No Snakes in my House!

When Jacob was 3 he loved snakes! The only thing he talked about was snakes! I do admit I was worried I had an obsessed little boy... but in time... that phase passed and he moved on to something new. At the moment, ask him about Indiana Jones and you could have yourself a long conversation with a 6 year old.
Anyhoo, The Farnworth's found this snake up Maple Canyon and brought it home... Jacob had a big grin and carried it around all day. They let it loose that night. On the way home he asked if we could get a snake... I confidently said "No snakes in my House!!" Ever!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Just a wee bit busy!!

I have been wanting to update for a while and I finally found some time last night. Mark went on a camp out with the young men so I tried to get caught up on the blog. The only problem with posting 12 posts is... who has time to read 12 ramblings from Jen. So take a few days and check out what we have been up to.

First Day of Summer

Iree, Maelyn and Mason are all enjoying the nice summer day. The weather has been wonderful. I think I spend most of my day sitting on the back porch. The kids play in the pool and eat popsicles. Mason and Iree want to be outside at all times. I need to get a fence up so I can get a few loads of laundry done.

The good old days...

I have been a little crazy the last few months with getting in touch with old friends. A few nights ago I had dinner with Haley and Carly (my bridesmaids) I could not believe that it had been 8 years since we have really had a good talk. Haley is doing great. Her and her husband bought a home in Springville and she is getting closer to becoming a Dental Hygienist. Carly is working for Pepsi and is getting married in the fall. They both looked great. We had a great time remembering the fun, crazy, embarrassing, and stupid, things we did. We did come to the conclusion that we were good kids. Our parents should be proud we didn't do anything worse. I look forward to keeping in touch with all of the people who have helped shape who I am.

Happy Fathers Day!

We had a busy Sunday morning as usually but we slipped in a few gifts for our favorite dad.
Each of the kids picked out and wrapped something Mark likes.
Jacob- Sparkling Cider
Iree- Gummy Savers
Mason- (with help from Jacob) Raisin Bran
I got him tickets to Brian Regan a comedian he loves. I think it is one of the first times I have been able to keep my gift a secret. Mark has a way of getting me to tell him my secrets.

We also had German Pancakes. Mark's favorite! I know I cannot come close to making them as well as his Grandmother but they have fast become the "special breakfast."

After church we went down to Mapleton to celebrate Father's Day with my dad and also 3 birthdays. Heidi, Julie, and Sammy all have the same birthday. Dad got a rocket launcher so we went to the school fields to set off some rockets.

My Sisters

It was Julie's birthday so we decided to have a night out with just us. It was so nice to spend time together and laugh. My sisters are great and I feel like we are getting closer. I love it. We are all so different but also understand each other at the same time. We made a pact to go out around each birthday.


Heidi gave me a copy of this letter she received from the Donor Services in April. I have debated whether I should post it on my blog. I decided if anything, it will let people know that my brother Dave is still a giving person even in his death. While you read... just imagine the smile on the faces of family as they found out they were about to receive an organ to save their loved ones life.
Dave your Amazing!

Dear Mrs. Kirby and Family,

On behalf of the staff of UVRMC and Intermountain Donor Services, may I extend to you and your family our sympathy in the recent loss of you husband, David. I appreciate your compassion and generosity in allowing his participation in the donor program during this very difficult time.

Although it cannot compensate for your loss, I hope you will find some comfort in knowing that through the gift of donation you and your family have brought new hope to many individuals awaiting transplants. I would also like to share with you a little about the recipients.

David's heart was given to a 65- year-old California man. He is retired from his job as a security guard and railroad worker. He enjoys coaching football. He is doing very well in his recovery.

The right kidney recipient is a 62-year-old man from Idaho. He is married and has six children. He worked in construction but now has his real estate license. He enjoys real estate, spending time with his children and grand children. He also enjoys outdoor activities. He is doing well.

The left kidney and pancreas were given to a 31-year-old Utah man. Unfortunately he experienced hyper-acute rejection prior to leaving the operation room so therefore both organs had to be removed immediately. He is doing well at this time and will be placed back on the list to receive another transplant.

The liver recipient is a 48-year-old man also from Utah. He owns his own flooring business and plays in a bluegrass band. He is doing well recovering at home.

The right lung was given to a 56-year-old woman from Colorado. She has three children and works as a secretary. She enjoys doing genealogy, listening to music and spending time with her grandchildren and dogs. She is doing well with her recovery.

A 63-year-old man also from Colorado is the recipient of the left lung. He is married and has two children. Prior to becoming ill, he worked for an airline company. He is doing well.

Words alone cannot express the love and gratitude of the recipients. These precious gifts have not only touched their lives but the lives of their families and friends as well. Thank You

Friday, June 20, 2008

Lake Powell

We tagged along with Wanda's (My brother Andy's wife) family. They planned a camping trip to Powell and we will do just about anything to wake board on Powell. I neglected to get any pictures of us wake boarding or surfing because I was video taping it... Now I just have to figure out how to post video. I am hoping I can get Mark to give me a lesson and soon you will be seeing us for real!!

We had one day of great weather... we went boating, wake boarding and tubing. We were out until the sun went down and even Wanda got up on the wake board... So proud of her!! We woke up Tuesday morning to a beautiful day. We were on the boats until lunch having a blast. And then it ended!!!! The wind, oh that stupid wind! It ruined our vacation. It was blowing at a consistent 40 mph. Our campsite looked like we had been bombed!

We decided to take a little boat tour of the canyons to pass the time... hoping the wind would die down when we got back to camp. Mark stayed behind with Mason sleeping in the tent. We found a beautiful canyon and the wind was gone! Dan wanted to cliff jump so we found a "safe" cliff and he jumped. As he was swimming back to his boat I blurted out "I want to do it! Who will jump with me?" Ok... this is not me. I am chicken but for some reason I really wanted to do this. Taria and Heather said they would do it and soon everyone was up on the cliff jumping into the lake.

Yes I know... I should have left my shorts on instead of blinding all of you with my glowing white legs.

So this story ends sad... when we returned to camp it was still horrible. We scrambled to clean up, load the boats and get out before dark... everyone had had enough of the wind and blowing sand. We ended up driving home. The rest of the group stayed in a hotel and ended up having a nice day of boating the next day. So we should have stayed!!! Doesn't that always happen? Anyways... Thanks Harris' for letting us join you!

Arches National Park

So I love hiking... Mark doesn't see the point in hiking... but he is a trooper and smiles. Here we are again hiking in red rock... I think it is about time for some real mountain, trees, waterfall hiking. If you have any cool places let me know.

UVSC volleyball girls

What a blast!

Spur of the moment we decided to get together and catch up on old times. Sam (our old coach) stopped by just to say hi... then he left us giggly girls while we ate at PF Chang's. I am positive we were annoying at the restraunt... we couldn't stop laughing, crying and taking pictures. After we finished we kept talking and talking and talking. The hostess actually asked us to leave so other people could use our table. Totally Embarrassing!!!

Boating on the Lake

We have a neighborhood lake by our house. This is the first time this year we have gone out on the boats. We picked a windy day so Mark had to work extra hard and build those biceps he has been working on lately.

Missing teeth... Can anyone tell me when he will have a full set again?

Iree's Preschool Program

The end of year program was about all of the Mother Goose Rhymes. Her teacher Ms. Holley dressed up as Mother Goose and each child had a roll in one of the stories. Iree was Jill in "Jack and Jill." She went along shyly acting as Mother Goose told the story... Jack was acting but reaching his hand toward his mom the entire time... It gave us all a good laugh. She was so excited that I let her use my make-up to have rosy cheeks.

Saturday Morning Project

Jacob had a set of bunk beds at our old house. When we moved I didn't set them up because I wanted to sand them down and re-paint them. Just one of the hundreds of projects waiting to be completed. You know those mornings where you wake up with a list of tasks and really think you can accomplish it all in one Saturday. I always seem to over look the fact that I am still a mom on Saturdays. They still need food, diapers changed, noses wiped, hair done, and the constant" mom can you get me this." In my mind this task should have been completed with a few coats in a few hours but the project dragged on for a few days. Lets face it... kids are a little sloppy! I spent most of my time smoothing out the drips and the scrapes as each of them tried to perfect the art of painting. I took a deep breathe and decided to let them help... they were having a blast. It didn't turn out perfect... if you look close the brush strokes go in every direction and drips have dried in areas I didn't catch but they had fun.

Grandma and Bridger's Birthday Party

I know I have mentioned before how Julie's house is a party house... Well here we are again... stuffing our faces with hamburgers, a variety of salads and plenty of cake and ice cream.

All of the Kirby cousins... we total 21 now with the oldest (Austin) who is 12 years old. Michelle will have a baby in October and bring our total to 22 grandkids. I caught most of the older ones in this picture but I need to work on getting a shot with all of them.

For those of you who don't know who this is I will introduce you.
This is Ryan (My sister Julie's Husband)

He likes to sneak cameras and take pictures of funny things. Well this is some of his work... Including his self portrait and best friend the chicken. This isn't anything new but I thought it was time he was recognized. Gotcha Ryan!