Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Little Taste of Summer

What an amazing weekend.

Everything is green!
The kids are in heaven!
Very close to perfection!

One man's junk is another man's treasure!

Yes... I am cheap. Heather and I hopped on the scooters yesterday morning and cruised the neighborhood looking for nothing in particular... just good deals. Heather saw a set of beds for her guest bedroom and then I found a bed set for Iree. It is antiqued, and needs a little touch up but well worth the $200 price tag. Heather and I both had a successful day of garage sales.


"Happiest Place on Earth"

This was Mark's saying anytime the kids started to whine... it worked most of the time.

We took a little trip to Disneyland. We had a great time. The kids did great in the car... we only had to stop at every gas station we passed to have a bathroom break but we eventually made it. We stayed the first night at Todd and Anna's time
share in Las Vegas. The condo had awesome pools. That afternoon we left for Anaheim, CA and then spent 3 days at Disneyland. We also got to visit Lee and Sara good friends in California... always fun.

Mark's favorite part of Disneyland was the reasonable prices of everything...oh wait I meant... the fun atmosphere, Pirates of the Caribbean and The California Screamer.

My favorite part was how happy the kids were and my favorite ride was in California Adventure... Soaring over California... loved it.

Jacob's favorite part was The California Screamer... The big roller coaster. As it started to go I couldn't believe I actually let my little boy go on this ride. I thought for sure he was going to be crying... I couldn't have been more wrong. He came running down the ramp saying "That was Awesome...can we do it again." He liked everything about Disneyland... he had a constant smile.

Iree's favorite part of Disneyland was her cousin Nate and the parade. We had great seats for the parade and many of the princesses came right up to her and waved. She said, "Mom they are waving at me." She also loved the princess story time and getting the signatures of all the characters in the park.
I made one huge error in taking her on Space Mountain... I had never been on the ride and she met the height requirements so I just took her with me. She was petrified... I am pretty sure she fainted... It was too dark to tell but she let out one scream and then went limp... I had to hold her head the rest of the time. After that we just did the little kid rides with her and she had a blast.

Mason's favorite part was the Tiki Room... He danced the whole time. He was a trooper... he just went everywhere we went and had a huge smile most of the time. He liked accompanying Iree in her venture for signatures. Iree was a little hesitant going up to the variety of Charaters so Mason was the one to hand Goofy the signature book and then pose for a picture.

More Pictures of the Trip

Sunday, May 04, 2008

I have a little girl... She loves all the girly things... I play them with her and try to enjoy them... Princess, Dolls, Polly Pockets, Dress up, fingernails... etc...

So I signed her up for dance class... I am a little nervous. I hope she has some rhythm from her dad because there is not much coming from me.

Here is my memory of ballet... I think I was a pre-schooler and my mom put me in a ballet class. I remember being very stiff... my teacher would push on my back and say "Just try... I know you can touch your toes." Well... I couldn't and I still can't. Our performance was the 3 little pigs. Just to give you an idea of how good I was at ballet... I was the wolf who ran and chased the dancing, twirling little pigs... Like I said... I hope Iree got some of those genes from her dad!!!

Someone took a picture with my Camera!!!!
Sometimes I get a little surprise when I go back and look at my pictures. Usually I can't tell who the culprit is but I have no doubt about this one.
JACOB loves clones... I think thats what this is... maybe a storm trooper... he would be so disappointed that I don't know the difference. Anyway, I thought I would post Jacob's photography.

Sand Dunes

For spring break a few of us went to the Sand Dunes. We only had a little delay when Mom got a flat tire... Good thing we had Ryan to do a quick change. I was impressed with that little spare tire... It made it the rest of the way to the dunes and then all the way home.
We went to a section of the dunes that is fenced off so kids can play and not worry about getting run over by motorbikes. The kids had a blast digging, climbing, rolling, jumping and finding bugs.

Mason in the sand

Sawyer and Mason

Iree and Sammy

Our little camp
Jacob jumping off a dune

Kirby getting some air

Another trip to the Zoo
We ate lunch at This is the Place Monument and then went to the zoo. It is a little hard keeping track of this many kids on a busy day but we managed to leave the zoo with all of them.

Sunday Evening Walk
A few weeks ago we went on a Sunday evening walk to all the different parks in East Lake. It took us 3 hours and we all had a blast. It is so nice to spend the evenings outside. The kids love being at the lake throwing rocks in and playing at the parks.

We are far from our house and Iree had to go to the bathroom... Well, we she didn't make it... good thing she can fit into Mason's pants. This was early in our walk and I didn't want to go home so we went around for hours with Mason sporting the "white trash" diaper look.