Sunday, March 30, 2008

Capitol Reef and Goblin Valley
A Little Get Away Weekend

Andy planned a weekend trip to Capitol Reef and Goblin Valley. At the last minute Mark wasn't able to leave work early because of an out- of- town consultant. I always have a hard time canceling, so I decided to continue with my plans. I ended up leaving Mason with a very nice neighbor so Mark could pick him up after work. I was now baby less... oh so nice! ( I do feel very bad because Mason ended up getting a fever and Mark spent the whole weekend on the couch holding him... what a great husband!) The trip was great! Jacob was off playing with cousins, having a blast and I was able to give Iree some much needed mommy/daughter time.

Jen and Jacob in Capitol Reef

Julie, Jen and Heather.
Parker, Jacob and Bridger.

Jen and Iree Hiking.

Bridger, Kathryn and Iree hiding in a cave.
Here are more pictures... this place is beautiful!

The Zoo
I had a neighbor mention that the zoo was having a free day... I am all for free day! I quickly packed up the kids and we spent an awesome day at the zoo. I don't think I will ever go to the zoo again in the summer it was too nice in early spring. The weather was perfect and all of the animals were out and alert. This was Mason's first time actually noticing the animals. He was loving it! The monkeys and the giraffes were his favorites.

Iree and Mason on tiger statues.

Jacob and Nash loving the snake and bug displays.

Mountain Lion looking over Jacob's shoulder.

The mysterious White Aligator.

Some type of monkey (I can't remember)

Giraffe and baby. So cute!


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt

On Saturday we had a family easter egg hunt at Anna's parent's home. There was lots of candy and a few prize eggs. Mason picked up on the game quickly. Iree is always a little hesitant around so many people but as soon as I showed her some Dora eggs she went to town. Jacob of course, had no reservations and filled his basket full. He also found one of the prize eggs so he got to choose a stuffed animal.
I also want to explain the "Mason screaming" photos. He is quickly joining his sister in the tantrum phase and can throw one great fit.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Point
We took a little trip to Thanksgiving Point with Michelle and her kids, Becky and her family and 3 of Heidi's kids. We all had a blast in the dinosaur museum and at the farm. I liked so many of the pictures I decided to do a slide show rather than upload all the pictures.

If you click on "view all images" it should make the pictures bigger on your screen.

Monday, March 24, 2008


This morning we were ready for church 1/2 hour early so I snapped a few pictures.

After church we went down to my mom's in Mapleton. The whole Kirby clan were all getting together along with My Uncle John, Aunt Sue, Becky and her family, Taylor and Patrick. These last two week since Dave died have been crazy. I have been down to Mapleton many, many, many times and the kids have been great. It is an hour drive and they usually catch a nap. Yesterday was no different.

Mason happened to catch a nap in church so he kept himself busy dumping noodles on his head.

She is so peaceful in sleep

I was a little worried about a stiff neck but he popped right up and played with the cousins.

Yes, Sad I Know
My First Concert

Todd had extra tickets for his Novell party at the Energy Solutions Arena in SLC. Todd, Anna, Heather, Chuck, Me, Michelle and Heidi all came. I think we all needed a night out. The comedian was Frank Caliendo the guy who impersonates Pres. Bush and John Madden. Collective Soul a group that became popular when I was in high school (10 years ago!!!) was putting on a concert after Frank.
The comedian was hilarious... we all needed a good laugh. The music was loud!!! I know it is kind of lame but after they played the two songs I know I text Anna and said "do you want to stay or go." 5 minutes later we were at Crown Burger Eating onion rings and milkshakes. Over all it was a fun night out.

The Farnworth's House

Mason and Sawyer at the Farnworth's
Sad but true... Mason is 8 months older and they are the same size. Actually Sawyer outweighs him by a few pounds.

My sister Julie lives in Mapleton near my parents. They have a party house!! The house is an older farmhouse that Ryan and Julie have remodeled and done a very nice job. They added this amazing porch outside that we have spent many hours relaxing on. The yard is huge with large shade trees, a tree house, swing set, fire pit, chickens and of course a nice area to set up a volleyball net or have a baseball game. The Farnworth's house is the kids favorite place to be.

When ever the family congregates we seem to end up at Julie's house. She and Ryan always are so open and throw together a nice BBQ for our rather large family.

Thanks Ryan and Julie

Here are a few more pictures of the fun stuff we do at the Farnworth's.

Anna trying out Kirby's new 2 wheeled skateboard.

Mom riding the scooter... she loved it. They do go fast.. . but mom has always like to go a little fast.
Julie helping Mason ride a scooter... He can do it pretty good the problem is the scooter weighs more than him... Please ignore the purple Dora helmet... the third child gets all the hand-me-downs .
Julie testing Kirby's skateboard.

Me taking my turn.

I Have a Climber!

So I came down the other day and found Mason climbing on the banister. I placed him in a little safer position and then snapped a picture. Lately he drags a stool everywhere and climbs up on everything. I have found him in his bathroom sink... he piled Iree's little chair on his stool and climbed on up. He is a little guy but he has an amazing amount of energy and climbing skills!!

Gotta Love Lasik

To make a long story short... Mark had Lasik about 2 months ago. When he went in he planned on having both eyes done at the same time. The first eye went well but the second eye gave the doctor a "little" trouble. I am going to spare you the gory details but the doctor told him it is the first time in 18,000 procedures that this has happened (lets just say "machine malfunction")!!! Of course it happens to Mark! He had to wait 1 month for the eye to heal before he could have the Lasik completed. He is very happy with the results now. Last night he was telling me, for the first time how beautiful the Utah mountains are. He could see the layers, details and the jaggedness of the peaks. Before, he only notice the outline and not the depth. I am trying to get up my courage to have it done. Sometime soon!

Monday, March 10, 2008

In Memory of Dave

My 37 year old brother Dave has gone to heaven!!!
I can't believe this has happened. He left his wife Heidi and his five kids Lasca-11, Brogan-10, Joecee-6, Stryder-4, Kaymin-2. I am hurting so bad. I think I can deal with Dave's death but I am having a hard time every time I think of the wonderful family he left behind.
Heidi was so strong yesterday. I know I would have crumbled but she held strong for those kids as they each said good bye to their dad. She made the hard decisions to be made in this horrible life event.

Dave's spirit is now in heaven... his body is going to save so many people today!!!
our family has been granted 3 amazing miracles... My brother Todd recovered from a broken back. He is still in a wheelchair but he has a sound mind and a wonderful family. My sister-in-law Wanda was in a car accident and suffered severe head trauma, the doctors said she would never function. She now has 4 children and you would never guess she had any type of accident. My mom had a heart attack and was gone... she came back to us. We prayed so hard for Dave but we didn't get the miracle this time. But... so many families are going to have miracles happen today because of him.

Today I am numb... I have so many thoughts about my brother Dave. From the mayonnaise he used to spear on my glasses to the heart felt apology he made to me recently...

My goal now is to make sure these 5 kids and Heidi are loved, cared for, and return to as normal life as possible. I know this trial is going to be the most difficult thing we have been through but we will make it through. Heidi is one of the strongest people I know. She has made her kids strong. From the day Lasca was born Heidi has been so honest with her kids. I admit at times I thought she would tell them too much... She has given them the gift. The gift to be able to express them selves. This will help them through the years. My heart was torn out as Lasca laid on her dads chest and talked to him and said goodbye. She told him that she didn't want him to go!!! She loved him!! But if this had to happen she told Dave that they would be OK. What an amazing 11 year old.

At work Wednesday Dave was pulling a trailer it came loose and hit the back of his truck. We are not sure exactly what happened... we are assuming he had some whiplash. He was complaining of a severe headache on Thursday and Friday. But no one thought much of it because he had Bronchitis. This trauma to his neck caused a dissection (a small cut in the basil artery in the back of his neck.) As it was healing itself it was forming a clot in the artery.
Saturday morning Heidi heard him stumble out of bed and scream. He was dizzy and couldn't walk. Heidi helped him to the bathroom, he fell and Heidi dragged him to the bed. Brogan had come up because of the fall and called 911. The ambulance came and took him to American Fork Hospital were they did a CAT scan. In the CAT scan we think the clot came loose and caused the most severe stroke. They transfered him to a bigger hospital at Utah Valley. They found a large clot in the worst spot possible, the basil artery. It was cutting of blood flow to his brain stem and both hemispheres of the cerebrum (the lower back part of the brain). The doctors were able to remove the clot but the damage was too severe. Sunday evening his fight was over and he was declared brain dead.

I loved my brother Dave. He was real, genuine, fun, and a big tease. He loved his wife and kids and they loved him. I will miss him so much. I can't believe that our gatherings will be missing one of its greatest entertainers. We will make sure his legacy lives on through these 5 wonderful kids. Heidi is strong... there are going to be huge struggles ahead but we will face them day by day.

I Love You Dave!! I will Miss You!! Until we meet again in Heaven...

Saturday, March 01, 2008

I just completed The Kite Runner yesterday. I loved the book, hated the book, and was a little disturbed by the book. As I finished, I didn't know if I could recommend it to anyone. I was a little angry with the main character and how selfish he was though most of the book.
I thought more of all the questions and thoughts the book stirred in me and decided The Kite Runner does teach some great lessons. I was reminded of how cruel young children can be to each other at times. How I need to be aware of what my children might be facing and to help them understand the appropriate way to treat people and defend people. Selfless, honest people will receive the greater reward in the end!
I also learned a great deal about the Afghani people and their horrific struggles over the last 30 years. I have a greater compassion for the people of that society (especially the women.)
Over all I have decided I will recommend the book to those who like to learn of other cultures and like to dig deep for some meaningful life lessons.