Saturday, August 13, 2011

Utah Lake

Paige's first day out on the boat.
Heather and Chuck were of course nervous, and protective, and worry warts about their little girl but she did awesome!!!

She slept in the special baby spot... at Mark's feet.

Iree and her Daddy... she is growing up so fast.

Jacob always wanting to drive or mope... I can't remember what it was this time.

Nice clean Utah Lake water... it was warm and refreshing!

The kids rode on the tube for over an hour... they were laughing so hard, standing, doing flips and falling in. Today was a good, good day!!

Odie watching over his kids...

We took Odie out on the tube and it didn't turn out so good. Every time we hit a bump he would go flying... I was holding on to his life jacket but he was ready to get back on the boat quick.

Paige all decked out!!

The boys (Mark, Chuck and Jacob) went for a tube ride and I dumped them twice... Now I am nervous for my next ride. Revenge!!

Monday, August 08, 2011

Heber Valley Camp

Todd set up a weekend at the Heber Valley Camp for our family. It was such a blast. We stayed in these nice cabins on bunks and had fun doing the challenge courses, canoeing, playing volleyball and sitting around the fire. We also had plenty of deer walk through our camp and the host told us that last week a bear was in our camp so we were always on alert... watching for the bear. I only have pictures of the challenge course and then my card was full.

The whole group getting their gear on and getting the instructions...

Jacob climbing the pole... he was super excited!

Getting ready to take the zip line down...

They all loved the ride down.

The hosts were all amazed that Mason was attempting this... they kept saying they had never had a kid this young try it and have fun... He zipped right up the pole faster than most of the others.

He walked across the pole with out a second thought.

The Sister Missionary got him all hooked up and ready for the zip line. She had already had to push two crying kids down but Mason just jumped off the ledge with no hesitation... should I be worried?

He happily brought the zip line back up to the top... what a stud!!

Whiting's Campground
Maple Canyon
With all the cousins in town we wanted to go have a hot dog roast up the canyon. It always turns into crazy fun!!!

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Utah Lake

Andy and his family are always up for a day on the lake. We love having these cute kids along for a ride.

Andy and his little cutie Karolyn.

Odie's favorite spot... this way he can jump in and save anyone who might need help.

Karolyn is always willing to try new things... she did so good. I love showing all of these kids how fun surfing can be.

Andy and Joseph having a good time.

Rink Hockey Nationals!!!
Team Salt Lake City

We took Bronze!!!

So this was an adventure... A good friend plays on team SLC... they were in desperate need for a goalie for the National tournament which happened to be in SLC this year... so she asked me... What a blast.

This was seriously one of the hardest things I have ever done both mentally and physically. I trained for 2 months and then played in the tournament without ever playing in a game. Our team did great!

Paige's Blessing Day
July 3rd, 2011

Yep... we are a pretty good sized group!!!
Here we are just at the Oquirrh mountain Temple.

Proud mama and papa!