Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Iree is 4

She woke up smiling ... always a good sign, ate her princess cereal and helped me get ready for her ladybug party.
We had some of the neighborhood kids over. We ate pizza, played some games and made ladybug antennas. Then every girl was in dress up clothes... poor Evan, he was a good sport. Iree was all smiles.

Here is the requested Ladybug cake.

I was rushing in the morning to get everything ready and I noticed an antenna missing and a few legs. Next, I saw Mason with black teeth and black drool dripping from his chin. He smiled and said "bug mom, bug."

We had the whole family over for fajitas, cake and ice cream.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Ok... I am an Olympic Nut!!

From opening night Mark and I have not been to bed before 2:00 a.m. We love the late night coverage because it is usually Live Volleyball. USA is dominating the volleyball seen but I love watching any event. Gymnastics, swimming, track and field, water polo, and even the BMX. I just can't help watch these amazing athletes who have trained so hard. I love it!

Shawn Johnson
Genuine Smile! I was so happy for Shawn... years of hard work for this moment.

Reid Priddy!!! Now this Outside Rocks!

Former opponents!

In my college days I played against 3 of these girls.
I played against Logan Tom #15 all throughout high school and club
Tayyiba #3 played for Long beach State in my conference and Jennifer Joines #7 Played for Pacific also in my conference. Crazy to see how great they are doing.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Only 8 of me in the USA

Recently there was a little mix up with me and Mark's sister (Jennifer McNees born on Sept. 25th)
For those who don't know... That is my name and my birthday!
Just a little ironic don't you think?

I saw this website on one of my friend's blog and thought it was cool.
Check it out.
LogoThere are
people with my name in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Brian Regan

For Father's Day Mark got tickets to Brian Regan. The problem was the performance was 2 days after Mark's surgery. He wasn't feeling well and I thought we were going to send Heather and Chuck. Mark hadn't taken any of his meds yet so we talked him into taking his Percocet to make him feel better and we were on our way. He was a little groggy but at least not in pain.

I hope he doesn't have to get his shoulder fixed again. We laughed so hard!!! Mark would laugh and moan, laugh and moan. It was a great night out!

Here is a little taste of Brian Regan's clean humor.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Shoulder Surgery

Mark's shoulder has been hurting for over a year. He hurt it at a tournament in Moab last spring. He thought rest would help it but it didn't. Every time he attempted to hit a volleyball he would pay the next few days. The MRI didn't show much but they went in to clean it out and found a tear in his rotator cuff, the labrum was "wimpy" so they rebuilt it, and he tightened all the ligaments.

This is Mark before surgery... we are always a little goofy!
I love the tights!

This is the aftermath!!!
It took him like an hour to open his eyes and then he started puking! yuk! I don't do well with puke! Anyway it has been a long week for him but I know he will be back to hitting volleyballs in 6 months. One thing about Mark... he takes rehab and workouts seriously. He will come out of this much stronger.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Our Colorado Trip...

We drove to Colorado for Dave's wedding and to visit family. The drive was only 15 hours when it usually takes 8. No big deal... the kids didn't even notice! :) There was a flash flood which closed the highway so we had to turn around and go the long way. This was a great trip... we were able to visit with all the family and we had a great time. I took lots of pictures as usual so the following entries are long... enjoy!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Dave and Cullen's Wedding
in Colorado

Mark, Alex (Mark's Sister), Dave (Mark's Step-Dad), Cullen and Michael (Cullen's Son)

Family Picture... The kids were about pictured out at this point but I couldn't pass up the beautiful background.

My cute kids all smiling at the same time... Miracle!

Okay, I think this is my favorite picture!!!
Look at my handsome boys.

Iree was the flower girl. She was actually throwing confetti. She has been excited for weeks. When her moment came she was a little shy and it took some coaxing from the audience to get her to walk down the isle. Afterward she had no problem acting for some pictures. I was at the top of the stairs helping the kids know when to go so I didn't get a picture of Jacob as the ring bearer. He was very handsome (not cute as he would remind me) I will have to get the picture from Dave.

The wedding was at the Perry Park Country Club. It was a beautiful setting and great food. As a wedding reception is not the ideal place for 3 little kids, I spent most of dinner and the toasting outside trying to keep the kids busy. They were getting tired and I was exhausted from keeping them quiet. We were about to leave and they turned on the music for dancing... Iree and Mason started to groove! Mason was the highlight... dancing with all the cute girls and ladies googleing over him. An hour or so later... 11:00 I had to drag a kicking and screaming Mason from the dance floor. He did not want to leave and even after he had changed into his pajamas for the ride home he slipped back out onto the dance floor for one more dance. We all had a blast!
Congrats Dave and Cullen!

Our Colorado Family

Iree and Grandma

Iree is pretty much in heaven spending time with Mark's Mom. She gets her hair done with bows and lots of hugs. We spent 3 quick days in Colorado and drove 1600 miles but it was well worth it. We had a great time with grandma. She always makes the kids feel so special.

Mark's Grandma is a wonderful women. She is a short, cute, little German lady who can make the best German pancakes around. She is also one of the busiest people I know. She takes care of her family, teaches German classes in the elementary schools, supports her grandchildren in all their sporting events, cooks wonderfully, made the keystone walls surrounding all her flower gardens beautiful (all by herself) and she is an amazing artist. Oh and one more thing... her memory is better than anyone I know. We always love seeing her and absorbing some of her great spirit.

Out to breakfast
with the McNees Family

We met up with Mark's Dad for breakfast at the Blue Parrot. It was almost like our Lake Powell trip 5 years ago... with a few little additions. Grandpa John and Fey, Mark's Dad , Trisha, Melissa, Nick , Randy, Cory, Jen, Elijah, Vaughn and our family. It was a quick visit but it was so good to see everyone and catch up a little. It is alway nice to hear Mark's dad's laugh... He and Mark laugh the same and are so much alike in their actions and storytelling.

Four Generations of McNees Men.

Grandpa McNees with Great-Grandpa McNees and the kids.

McNees family waving flags Uncle Randy gave to the kids.

Great-Grandma Hayson

We had a great time listening to Grt-Grandma playing the accordion. I didn't know she even played but it was great. Afterward she showed Jacob how to play.

Riley is Alex's German Shepard 4 Month old Puppy. He is hardly a puppy... he is huge! The kids were very weary of him. He just wanted to play but Jacob said. "He is trying to rip me in little pieces." He is a very good dog... Maybe the next time we see him he will have calmed down a little so the kids wont be so scared. Mark took a turn on the accordian and started to dance around... very funny. Vaughn (cousin) is such a smart little kid... he turns 3 in September and he speaks very well and can spell a few words...he also likes to give hugs. Randy and Cory were also there... we had a great time, lots of laughs.

We played a little game!!!

With Randy holding the camera he would yell out an animal. As you acted out the animal he snapped a picture and we all rolled around laughing. Very fun... you have to try it!

Alex as a Frog

Mark as a Ostrich

Cory as a Hyena

Jen as a Monkey

Zach and Linda's Big Day

Linda is a great friend of mine. She grew up across the street from me while growing up. We had many adventures together. We have kept in touch through the years... she is one of those friends that we can go years without talking and then be caught up in an hour conversation. She was sealed in the Denver Temple so Me, Heather and my Mom took a little road trip. Wow! I forgot how easy it is to travel without kids.

Linda you are great and Zach you are one lucky guy!

Mapleton 24th of July Celebration and Parade