Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Ready or not, here I come!!"
You Stinky Fridge!

Over the last 3 days there has been an awful, horrible, rotten, stale smell coming from my fridge. Each day I have taken steps to find out what the smell is... I thought it was leftovers... nope... I thought it was cheese...nope... I thought it was milk, sour cream, garlic, as I removed each item the smell stayed... I did a through clean... still stinky!!!!

So I went to desperate measures... I took my whole fridge apart... cleaned/sanitized every piece! I even wiped down and sniffed every bottle as I put it back in.

Everything fit in nice and neat... after a 2 1/2 hour scrub it should look nice.
It even smelled good.

A few hours later... the smell faintly returned!!!! It isn't horrible, it is just there...
I am hoping it is just in my head... please just be in my head!

If not...

Mark will have a fun weekend project... I'm done.
I surrender... the fridge won!
Mark got home and said it doesn't smell... I guess it was just in my head.
Cleaning, and new baking soda... success!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Updated Family Photos...

I love pictures...taking pictures that is...but...I hate being in them. Here are a few of the hundreds where my eyes aren't closed.

This is my favorite.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Veggies beware!!!

Mace can down an enormous amount of veggies! He loves practically every veggie and fruit out there.

Last Costco trip I bought the 6 pack of peppers... When I finally got around to making dinner the pepper bag was missing 4!

Mace ate them all just like apples.

Yes... "the runs" the whole next day.

On one of our Lake Powell trips we stopped in at a marina to get some more fuel... in the store I told the kids they could all choose a snack... Mason's snack... of course, a red pepper!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"We just wanted to play "hair cut"."

I went to get my hair cut and highlighted and Ireland went to a friend's house.
When she got home she was missing a huge chunk of hair!!!
Not in the back, not at the ends, no, right at the scalp in the front... ahhh!

I think she understands now that "Hair Cut" isn't a game you play with your friends!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sun, Pool, Sand and Volleyball...
...really does it get better than this?
ok, throw in a lake and a boat and that is perfection!

Mark had a VB tournament in St. George.

Super Fun... I love watching my man play... he did awesome!!
I know he was disappointed but I thought he did great for his first tournament in the sand. Sand is a completely different game!!!
Both Mark and I are "indoor players" trying to make the transition to the sand... I hear it is a lot more forgiving on the body. It is going to take a lot of hard work this summer for both of us. We are going to be an old wrinkly couple that never gives up the game, just you wait and see... I love it!

Pool Time!!

We really wanted to swim after the tournament so Heather and I came up with a plan... I figure it wasn't too bad... I still do feel a little guilty... so I guess it was bad... ugh!
We had already checked out of our hotel because we were driving home after the tournament. We were hot, sweaty, sticky, sandy and stinky... so... we went back to the hotel and Heather slyly convinced a lady to open the pool door for her... then she let us all in one by one.

I know this is stupid but... I was so worried we were going to get caught I couldn't even enjoy the swim... I am not very good at NOT following the rules!!! I swear the lady that let Heather in kept giving us the "evil eye" and at one point she left and went in the front doors by the front desk... I thought for sure we were caught! She came back with a coke and started reading her book again. I am sure she didn't even notice us!!! but my conscience kept me on my toes!!!

I think I am too old for that kind of thrill... I will leave it to someone else.
At least we all got cooled off, clean and kids in thier jammies before the drive home.
After getting a quick meal at Panda we picked up 2 boxes (12 ) dilly bars from Dairy Queen...I thought for sure they would go to waist... nope... gone!!! Yes we are piggies!
Road trips are getting better... no pee break at all both ways... amazing!

Saturday, April 03, 2010

An additional 5!
We had the Kirby kids for the night. I love being able to spend time with all my nieces and nephews... We always have a good time. Mace was especially excited to have Lasca around. She goes out of her way to play with him and he loves it!!
Horse back rides... all smiles.

Coloring easter eggs...

Jacob and Joecee's stache.
They wanted to hide them in the house for a hunt... That's all i need rotten eggs hiding under the couches or closets.

Lasca of course helped Mace decorate his eggs... his were all green.

Brogan dunking her masterpiece.

After we got the younger kids set up watching a movie in their pj's, Heather and I took the older girls to a movie. "The Last Song" just came out, I had read the book a little while ago and really liked the book. About 5 minutes into the movie I remembered how the book ended and I panicked. Nothing more uplifting then taking these two girls to a movie where the girl's dad dies !!!! I bawled through the last 20 minutes of the movie. So Sad!!! After the show I told them I was sorry, I really didn't think about the details, I just liked the book. They both liked the movie. They both amaze me!!! I need to realize I don't have to tip-toe around their situation... they are tough and handle life without their dad better than I ever would have.

The next morning we headed to the City Easter Egg Hunt/Candy Scramble.

Stryder and Iree waiting for the Fire Truck to give the go.
Where's Iree?

The Whole group.

After breakfast we headed to the playground and froze!!!

I loved having 5 extra kids for the night... I'll take you all anytime.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Making the most of our
"Utah" Spring Break!!
So I woke up this morning a little depressed!!!
After all... just over a week ago we pulled out the shorts and got sunburns playing at the park.

I looked out the window and saw a snow covered world. I wanted to stay in my pj's read a book and keep the blinds closed.

Oh wait, I forgot, my kids are on Spring Break, they are ALL home, inside...

we should be doing something fun!

... lets make it a good day.

I got moving so I could fit in the morning "Power Pump" at Golds.

When we got home Mace wanted to go sledding so we pulled out all the snow stuff and headed out to the hill.

Iree and Mace had a blast making the first path through the snow.

Jacob and Mace started on a fort...

Iree made a few snow angels...

Iree also wanted a fort so I jumped in to help... oh wow... the perfect snow!!!! It isn't often that you get that great packing snow... I rolled and rolled and stacked...Iree, Mace and the little neighbor kids filled in the holes. It got taller and taller...
And taller...
And taller...

Until it was over their heads.
They were in heaven... they thought it was the coolest thing ever, they started making chairs and talking about sleeping and eating in there new home.
I remember I constantly made huts as a kid I always wanted a little snack to make it feel like home.
I went in to see what I could round up for like 20 neighbor kids.
I ended up dumping 3 different flavors of Hot Cocoa in a cooler and grabbing some graham crackers. Everyone loved it!

Then of course the boys wrecked it... 2 hours up, 2 seconds down!
Could I expect any less?
It really has turned out to be a fun "Spring" day.
I am glad I didn't decide to stay in my pj's and just read a book!