Monday, July 09, 2007

Lake Powell Trip
We spent 10 days on a house boat with some friends from California. Lee and Sara, Julie and Scott, Sumi, Mike and Jen, Pat and all of the kids. We had a blast. Lots of swimming, skiing, wakebording, surfing, tubing, and riding the wave runners. We ate good and sweat it off in the heat. The weather was great... in the low 100's. The water temp was 82 so jumping in was refreshing but not a shock. I put lots of pictures on because I just couldn't pick a few.

Jacob, James, Iree(hiding) Mark, Jen, Mason, Hope, Faith, Sumi, Carissa, Lauren, Scout, Jen, Mercedes, Mike, Pat, Sailor, London, Julie, Scott, Storie, Derrek, Lee, Sara and Grayson. We all spent the night at Julie's parents in St. George before we headed to Lake Powell.
Mark took this cool picture of the moon.

The group just before heading home.

Mark : Wakeboarding

Mark's Flip

Jacob and Iree

The tube was the favorite ride.

Jacob skiied for the first time

Look at that smile!

Iree's attempt didn't go so smooth.

Wakeboarding was a blast. We tried a new thing called wake surfing and it is my favorite. You can throw the rope in and keep surfing for a long time.

Wake surfing


Mason would fall asleep in the ski boat. We put him on the ground and he would sleep for the whole ski trip.
Mark occasionally caught a nap.

The only way we got Iree to nap was to take her on the ski boat. It did the trick every time.

We came to the dock for an ice cream break.
Iree and Derrek watching a movie.
Jen, Sara and the two babies. Even though Mason is older... Grayson is a head taller and many pounds heavier!
The Cooks: Sara, Julie, Sumi, and Jen
The kids spent a lot of time playing on the beach.

Mike took the kids on a hike.We used the little pool to keep the babies cool.
We flipped the tramoline upside down and it made a fun little pool.
The kids colored... ate otter-pops... and ate more otter-pops.

Jen and the Kids
My little clone.
Mason loved coming on the boat
We had our fair share of tantums. Iree is a pro!

Swimming in Navajo Canyon
The water was beautiful with red cliffs surrounding us. The depth reader on the boat said the water was 250 feet deep. Amazing!

Jacob's Pre-School Graduation

The favorite part was throwing the hats.

Iree will be starting this pre-school in September.
Guess which one he could be?

Jacob's Last Baseball Game

Party at the Farnworths

Iree and Nate have a blast on the water slide.