Monday, May 21, 2007

The Zoo
We went to the zoo with Melissa, Averie and Keaton. It was lots of fun and of course we saw some cool animals.
Mason loves to kick Iree in the back when she rides on the front of the stroller. He thinks it is pretty funny.

Jacob couldn't wait for the reptile house. He loves the snakes and all the creepy crawly things.

Jacob and Averie looking nice!

Iree and Keaton hanging out in the stroller.

At the elephant exhibit.

And finally a ride on the train.

Still perfecting the cast... Yet to catch the big one!

The Bees

Wheeler Farm
Jacob, Nash and Spencer think they can catch a baby goose but I warned them that the mom and dad wouldn't like that much. Ouch!!!

These boys are all monkey; anything that looks like it can be climbed... they climb.

They loved the old tractor.

Like I said... "Monkeys"

Jacob making mud balls from the stream.

Feeding the ducks and geese is always fun.

Poor Iree tries to keep up... she loved the geese.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sunday Evening Walk
Jacob and Jacquelyn sitting on the waterfall.

Ireland and Joseph sitting in the grass.

Jacob and Grandpa Brink; Jacob got soaking wet so Grandpa carried him home.

Jacob and Grandpa sitting in the waterfall.

Grandpa Brink Visits
We started finishing the basement so Dave came out to help us get a good start.

Jacob jumped right in with demolition!

The first wall went up and Mark is making sure it is in right.

We love swimming