Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Mason Gabriel McNees

Blessed on Dec. 3, 2006

Mason was blessed at church by Mark this past Sunday. He was a little agitated just before the blessing . We thought he was going to scream all the way through it but he didn't make a sound. He is three months now and becoming more aware and fun every day.

Friday, December 01, 2006

For Thanksgiving this year we had some visitors. Mark's mom Linda, her dog Jax, Jen and Elijah and their baby Vaughn. (Jen is Mark's sister.) We had a blast. Iree was so thrilled to have a dog and a one-year-old to boss around. They arrived at 4:30 a.m. on Thanksgiving... (that was just the beginning on the whole groups sleepyness.) Every night we stayed up super late talking and hanging out. The last night we went to bed just before 3:00. It was so worth it. We loved the visit and the chance for the cousins to play together.

SideNote: It is Thanksgiving but the powerranger is still around! I will give a highfive to the first person who can find 3 powerrangers in the picture...

Iree is helping me make the veggie tray. She loves broccoli and decided to take a few big bites. Grandma is helping a lot by feeding Mason his bottle.

The Park is always fun with Grandma. Grandma is with Vaughn on the swing. Iree is peeking through the porthole on the playground. We couldn't stay long it was starting to get super cold.

We went on a nice walk around the lake. Iree and Jacob "took turns" walking Jax.