Monday, September 29, 2008

UV Alumni Night

Tasha and I played in the alumni Match at UV. It was lots of fun. It is was great to see Sam and Lori. I have great memories of UV. It is always fun to look back and see the people who have impacted your life. Sam was a tough coach... there were times I thought he was crazy and too involved. After my whole career I can easily say he is the best! I look back and am grateful for everything he taught me about volleyball, character, teamwork, and responsibility.

This is me, Melissa, Tasha and another coach Brooke.

I'm now 29 !!!!

I had a great birthday... Mark planned the whole night which made it even better. He arranged to have my nieces watch the kids while we went to Tepanyakis and a movie all by ourselves. It has been so long since I have gone out to eat and not had to entertain the kids so they don't go nuts. I actually got to eat my food when it was hot!!! Thanks Babe!

It is nice every once in a while to feel like your dating again. While at Tepanyakis we were seated with 3 businessmen and another couple in there early 40's. One of the businessmen and the couple started talking about kids. He said, "I have two little ones." The lady said "I have a 1 year old and a 3 year old... They keep me young..." Then her husband said "We are 42 but having kids makes us feel like we are a young 29" I chuckled.... Here it is my 29th birthday and I have three little kids and feel like I am 18... Mark and I were content just listening so I am sure these people thought we were either newly married or dating. As Mark and I walked to the car we both chuckled as we got into our minivan!!!! I have a minivan... never thought that would happen. Anyway... My kids keep me young also!

Friday, September 19, 2008

It's Official!!!

No, I am not pregnant... are you crazy!

Mason has officially been off the pacifier for a week!!

Last Friday was his two year appointment. His doctor suggested I get rid of the pacifier.
I love the pacifier... It was my key to Mason sleeping. Both Jacob and Iree never took it and I loved that Mason did. I was a little scared because he was very, very attached.

Here is how we did it!!
When I got back from the doctor on Friday I cut the tip off. I did the usually routine and put him down for a nap... he didn't even say anything. About five minutes passed and I was thinking "Oh, this is easy... I will just cut a little off each day and wallah... It will be gone." Just as I finished my thought I hear Mason. "Mommy Broken! Mommy Broken!" I went in and he was so sad. I didn't get him to nap that day and he didn't go to sleep until 11:00 p.m. and that was in my bed. (Mark was on a camp out) I stayed strong!!! The next day at bedtime Mark had a little talk with him and explained that they were all broken and he has to be a big boy and go to sleep without it... And he did! We haven't had a problem since. He usually says "Mommy pass broken" but then lays down.

Now that he doesn't have it in his mouth he is a little chatterbox... we love it.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Happy Birthday Mark and Mason

Happy Birthday Mark!!!
The big 30
Crazy that I use to think 30 was old.

So I thought I would tell everyone how "Lucky" I am to have Mark in my life. He is awesome.

Just a little about why I love Mark...first of all he is athletic! I always new I needed someone athletic... not only so our kids would be, but because I love to play... I wanted my love of sports to be a family affair. He far exceeds this category ... He is great at everything he plays.

He is Smart... He loves to research and he even remembers the stuff he researches... such a hard concept for me :) He is passionate about knowledge... I am sure most of you have been in some conversation with Mark and know exactly what I am talking about. He has the perfect balance of home, fun and work. He works hard and continually moves up in the company but he never has a hard time taking time off or even sleeping in. His job has never and will never run his life. He has a goal of being his own boss. I have no doubt that will happen soon. Like I said he researches and makes very calculated risks. I love this about him. I have never had the guts to take any risks...but I fully trust his.

Mark makes lifetime friends everywhere. He has a genuine concern for his friends and keeps in contact with many all over the US. He might not speak to them for years but often wonders how they are and what they are up to. When they do talk they catch up quickly. He will come home from work often and say, "guess who I talked to today." It will be some person I hadn't thought about for years.

Mark loves the gospel. He has been a member for 7 years now. He has so much faith and love for the Savior I am constantly feeding off of him. He is a great example to me.

He is a great dad. The kids adore him and love when he walks through the door. He pushes them to their potential. Jacob is quickly learning that dad doesn't just let you win... you have to earn it. Mark explains everything in detail to them... he wants them to understand everything around them. He loves his kids and wants the best for them.

Mark is the best!!! He is my best friend...I truly mean this. The other night we were sitting on the couch at 9:30 p.m. kids asleep, tv off and we were just talking... solving the worlds problems. Suddenly it was 1:00 a.m. we both chuckled and Mark said, "at least we like to talk to each other." I love that we enjoy each others company and can talk for hours even if we both get huge bags under our eyes often. Both Mark and I are completely different people from the day we got married. I look back and think, "what were we thinking... we were so young and stupid." I am so glad for the changes that have occurred in both of us. I love Mark more than I could have imagined and our marriage is better than I ever hoped for. I love you Mark... Happy Birthday

Now that you read my novel...
leave a happy birthday comment for Mark
if you think he is as cool as i do.

Happy Birthday Mason!
2 years old
No Way!!

Mason is our sunshine. He is a happy little guy that makes us laugh constantly. He loves to dance and jump... he jumps off of everything. I am sure we will spend some time in the emergency room with this one.

He is starting to talk very well. He is smart and so aware of everyones feelings. He is the best at hugs and kisses. He gives them freely.

He is so friendly. He will say hi to everyone and loves to talk. He carries on conversations all the time with our neighbors and they just laugh.

I love Mason tons... and I am so grateful for his smile.

Happy Birthday Mace!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

My Little Zoo

We had a little carnival fund raiser for the Huntsman Cancer Society in the park by our house. The kids did the jumping things and got their faces painted. Mason wouldn't hold still long enough to finish but he is a tiger. Jacob is a cheetah and Iree is a monkey.

Donor Wall Memorial

On Saturday we went to Salt Lake to the Donor Memorial. They had a little program and a few speakers and then unveiled a glass wall with my brother Dave's Name on it. Here is Dave's family... Heidi, Lasca, Kaymin, Joecee, Stryder and Brogan.

One of the speakers was a heart transplant recipient. It was so great to hear how much the transplant has impacted her life and how grateful she was for the opportunity to live and spend time with her family. I have said this many times but I am so happy that Dave had the opportunity to save 5 people.

Heidi recently received a letter from the man who received Dave's Lung. It was amazing. I smiled and cried while I read it. He expressed how sad he was for the family but also how grateful he was to receive a lung. He had been hooked to oxygen for years and now he doesn't have to be and he can spend time in the outdoors fly fishing and spending time with his grandkids. He said he was so grateful for the gift to breathe.

What a great Gift!

Alpine Slides - Park City, Utah

This is a long shot of Me, Iree and Jacob on the ski lift. As you can see, I didn't realize there was a safety bar until half way up the mountain. Iree was clinging to me like a monkey. After we had the safety bar down she relaxed.

This is Chuck's Brother Jared, Jared's wife Katrina, Heather, and Chuck. It was nice of them to let us tag along. Things always take a little longer and noisier when your hauling around 3 kids.

Iree and I raced against Jacob... he killed us. He has a little more need for speed. He loves the thrill of going fast. Iree and I like to take the turns slow.


I was rubbing in the seasoning on the chicken
getting ready to put it on the BBQ.

Jacob: "Mom does that feel good?"

Jen: "Not really."

Jacob: "Oh, Do you realize your touching a dead chicken!"

This actually happened a month ago but I just keep laughing about it. Last night while I was preparing the chicken for the BBQ I thought I would take a picture and share my son's funny thoughts.
Mark and I have always tried hard to answer any question our kids have in detail. We feel this will help them understand things better. Well... Jacob knows and understands where each piece of meat comes from and he isn't to keen on eating it lately.

I guess there are a few thing that would be better left unexplained.