Monday, December 21, 2009

Kirby Christmas Party

It has become an annual tradition to have a giant slumber party for our Christmas Party. It is a full house with 14 adults and 23 kids under 13yrs. old. The kids have a blast and the adults talk and talk and play games... This year the adults stayed up until 4:00 am... we were all needing naps the next day. That is even late for me!

Santa stopped by and had a little gift for each of the kids... They were all in awe of how Santa knew just what they like.

Waiting for my turn to see Santa.

Mason hopped right up.

Santa had to ask Iree to speak louder so he could hear her... surprise, surprise... :)

Anna had a great idea of letting all the kids decorate their own Christmas sled and then watching a movie sitting in their sled... brilliant!!! They all had a blast decorating (even the "old" ones).

Grandma and Grandpa always give the kids pajamas... The kids love and anticipate their new pajamas.

All 23 in their comfy pjs.

Nate, Sammy and Iree testing out their sleds.

Michelle's Birthday Dinner

We slipped away for an hour or so to eat some tasty food and chat. We missed having Heather there. Grandpa and Mark had all the kids...and even had a tea party with them.
It is so nice to have all of us together.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Ice Skating

With Mark out of town I didn't want to sit around the house... I thought it would be fun to go Ice Skating with the kids. I knew I would need a little more adult help with the kids on the ice so I asked my friend Kendra to come along... the kids love her!!!

Heather and Chuck joined in after work.

At first Mace was a handful but he was quickly learning the trick to skating.

Heather, Ireland, and Kendra... I don't think these two had a free hand all night... The kids fight over them. Thanks Girls!

After a few falls Mace was a little discouraged... I had to get a picture, it was so cute. He quickly got over it and said Mom I am going to try again.

My kids second parents...

Candy Time...

I love Christmas candy... Mark went to Florida on business so I thought it would be the perfect time for a candy night... Heather and Kendra came to help and we had a blast... look at all those pretzels!!! We also did chocolate covered Oreos and Oreo truffles... Yummy!

The hubby's did what they do best... play games. Mark would have been snuggled in between if he was here. :)

Christmas Project...

I told myself that this year I wasn't going to do any big project...but... It just isn't Christmas without a project!!! So, thanks to Alex (Mark's sister) I started my project... She requested a "heat bag" for Christmas so I thought I would make a whole bunch and give them to family and friends... Nothing is better than a home made gift right? Now the kids go to bed with there new bags all warm and toasty... so do I.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Volleyball Girls!!!

( I know it's blurry... phone picture:( sorry )

This season we put our old Players/UV team together... such a blast... We just took 2nd in the league but we only had 5 players for the finals... if we would have had our 6th I am certain we would have dominated... Adri and Chelsea were missing and I am sure there skills and laughs would have helped out.

I so look forward to my volleyball nights... It is all about fun, laughs, high level volleyball, oh... and of course exercise.... I love it!!

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Mark's Hockey

We always love watching Daddy play... today was an especially fun game to watch... he had 2 goals!!!


This shot went in for a goal!

Hockey dad and kids... Jacob was with a friend... He would have loved to see this game.

They were getting the Olympic Oval ready for a speed skating competition so the bleachers were down. We had to just stand around the rink... as we walked by the players bench there was a horrific smell... Mace even said "Mommy that's stinky!" Hockey players stink!!!

But we still love him! :)

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Colorado Thanksgiving

We headed to Denver for Thanksgiving this year. Instead of pulling an all-nighter drive like we usually do, we decided to stop for the night in Grand Junction. Best decision ever! We will have to do that every time... I took the kids swimming in the morning and then we started for Denver.

We spent Thanksgiving with the Hayson crew... After a great meal we all watched the Broncos dominate!!!!

Alex working hard on her famous Yummy Potatoes!

Grandma Linda and the kids.

The little ones watching a movie in the basement while we watched the Broncos.

Ireland and Vaughn fell asleep like this.... ahh...

Wrestling Match... Dog Pile... watch the pinching!

Auntie Alex and Mace.

Grand Pappy and the kids.

We had an awesome visit as always with Mark's dad. The kids were in heaven with all the toys and we just sat around and talked. Jacob hit the jackpot... Grand Pappy gave him a bunch of his old Bronco memorabilia... Super bowl hat, countless pennants, and an awesome Elway sketch... he has decided this will be the theme of his room. Go Broncos!

Ireland, Mason, Grand Pappy, Levi, Jacob and Izaiah.
Always fun to play with the cousins.

Izaiah and Ireland became best buds!!!

Great-Grandma Hayson

We always love visiting with Grandma... she has great stories, and mouth watering German Pancakes. The day was so nice we were able to play a little in the yard.

Great-Grandma and the kids

A nice shot of Grandma Linda and the kids... so hard to get them all looking, or find a picture without hair in Ireland's face... cute enough!

3 Generations!

Just couldn't resist... I got him good!

Mace had pretty good aim coming after me with a snowball.

Larkspur with Grandpa and Cullen

Grandpa, Mark, and Jacob set out to gather firewood. I had no idea this involved a chainsaw and my 8 year old!!!!

I think he is having a little too much fun... I love watching this guy grow!

We celebrated Grandpa's 50th and had a blast with a Pinata.

Grandpa the Ninja!!! Mark the puppeteer didn't let him hit it much.
Jacob finished it off and the kids had a hay-day with the candy and toys.

Make your own pizzas... the kids favorite! Too bad their mom burnt them...

Yummy!!!... Pizza and Chocolate Milk!

Mark and the blow torch! It takes a lot to light those 50 candles!

Yes Mark is Crazy! Just glad he didn't set anything on fire.

"Don't spit on it!"

Love relaxing around the fire.

The kids loved the hot tube... and I loved how easy they went to sleep right after. The first thing Mace asked to do in the morning was to get in the hot tub.