Monday, November 23, 2009

Early Kirby Thanksgiving

This year everyone is at the in-laws for Thanksgiving, so we just had our own a little early. It is always so fun to get together and just hang out! Everyone was able to come except Michelle and her family and Ryan. We had a great time as always!

Andy thought it would be fun to let the kids use the china and eat first... that way we could help them and then send them downstairs to play while the adults enjoyed a kid free dinner... Brilliant! We talked, laughed, and I didn't have to keep getting up to be of service to the kids... you should try it!

Oh Yah!!!

Love the burgers! Love the memories! Love that it is now in Utah!

When we lived in California we had an In-n Out just down the street. It was my ritual to go get a burger after every home match I played.... funny you work out and then you crave something like a hamburger.

We waited for 30 min, in a long line that wrapped around the block... Well worth it!

They only serve a limited menu, but my choice is...
Cheeseburger with fresh onions
Chocolate Milk Shake

Oh Yummy... I just wish I ordered 2!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Volleyball-er

Mark played this weekend with some old teammates. His shoulder finally doesn't hurt and has full range of motion, now it just needs it's strength back. I love watching him play... I am so glad I married a volleyball-er :) !!!

Go line, Go line!

What? Yeah! Them? Yeah!

They were lacking in players the first game... Mark played middle blocker and started the game off with a nice block.

Crazy eyes!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm just rambling...

This one is going to be long... so if you don't like long explanations of my life just skip this part and scroll down the the cute pictures of my family.

So lately I have been a little overwhelmed!... I love life, I love having fun, but sometimes all the things I put off come to a head and I have to get reorganized before I can move on cheerfully.

The month of October pretty much knocked me off my feet... but I am starting to feel grounded again so here I am telling the computer all about it. I guess I also want people to know I have ups and downs like everyone else... I really try to be positive and happy in my downs, it helps me move on faster. Anyway... here are a few of the real me facts of the last month or so.

Hey Thanks Kristi (if you read this) I stole music from your blog... love your taste in music!

The whole family was on their death beds the week of Halloween. Mark stayed home from work sicker than-a-dog and luckily the kids were off track and they just laid on the couch all week!!! I should have taken a picture but I didn't so let me describe the scene.

Blinds Closed
Sink and counters full of Dirty, stinky dishes.
Leftovers, left out on the counter.
Half empty Gatorade bottles everywhere.
Everyone in baggy sweats or PJ's
Bed Head
Laundry out the wazoo!!! germy blankets, clothes, sheets and everything else they touched!
Mom in her glasses. (not a pretty site)
Blankets covering coughing children with pink fevery cheeks on the couch.
Cars (the movie) on the tv for the 10th time just to keep little boy from whining.
Dad in bed (all day)
Mom not feeling good but getting up constantly to get meds, drinks, food and whatever requests were coming out of families mouth.

All I could do was hope that no one knocked on the door.

I just gained a lot more responsibility in my church calling... a little stressful... knowing that I am responsible for 145 little ones is a little overwhelming but i take it very seriously... I want to make sure they all know that God loves them, that I pray for them, think about them, and love them... Yah I know... but I am still trying my best to make sure they all feel this from me.... Like i said... just a little stressful, I have been waking up in the middle of the night thinking of things I could and should be doing...

I decided to take a shot at coaching volleyball while still being a mom.... all I can say is "Nope, not yet!" I loved my team, and I LOVE coaching I just can't be away from the kids so much, always scrambling for a babysitter or coraling them in the corner of the gym. When I make a commitment I have to stick with it all the way through, so I did finish but was left feeling exhausted and a little guilty. I hope I will be able to coach in the future... I love it!

... need I explain... I think I have recovered from my little addiction. So now I can move forward with blogging and an occasional facebook check and maybe a few comments. It is so fun to see how everone's lives are going... but really... OK, enough said!

I am determined to be a smart shopper... for the most part I see myself as a deals only type of buyer but I have never really stuck to a budget... I guess I feel like if it is a good deal it is ok... my goal now is to set a budget, and stick to it... After some financial classes my ward held (church) I am up to the challenge... they taught us things I already knew but it gave me a new strong desire to really use these strategies.
Doesn't mean no fun... just budget for it!
Financial Security for the future and an emergency
Be able to help others

I am excited about our new goals but it is a source of stress also...

I love reading a good book more than anything! I can't believe I am saying this... I didn't read a book cover to cover until 4 years ago when my mom suggested I try it... I thought people who read were weird! I guess I am in the weird club.
To give you an Idea of my daily struggle with picking up a good book vs. starting on my task list... here are my hobbies in order

Hanging with Family (sorry family, source of guilt here but I am being honest)
Volleyball (real vb of course)
Eating Chocolate anything
Extended Family get-together
Boat time (relaxing)
Parks with kids
Watching football in sweats!
etc... lots more...

My house goes to crap when I read... so this is a huge stressor and battle in my head... not quite over this addiction yet, so more messy house days to come.

I love my kids, but they stress me out! I want them to be so good, cute, nice, athletic, funny, social, smart, adventurous, daring, organized, motivated, cautious, well mannered...etc...

They are great kids... I just need to chill!

Everyday life
I think most of you moms can relate to the endless housework, homework, meals, and drama that is so common in all of our homes... yep stresses me out!

Deep Breath... Awh...

So that is probably enough rambling but is sure felt good to write it all out. I am going to tackle each one of these stressors and knock them out!

Wish me luck... I'm very determined!

Piano Recital........ Check!

Jacob had his first recital... I have to admit I was a little nervous... Why? I don't know... Maybe the fact that I am not the best at having him practice consistently... I swore I would not teach my kids how to procrastinate but I have failed... I constantly get by doing things the night before or even the minutes before... it is how I have always been and I guess my kids are picking up on it quick. Sorry Kids! Well we crammed and he got right up and played his 3 songs great and even bowed... he told me he wouldn't but when it came down to it I guess he decided it was cool!

Our Neighbor and amazing musician is Jacob's teacher... she is great!

Wheeler Farm

The kids needed a breath of fresh air and a day out of the sick house. We went to Wheeler Farm and had a picnic and feed the geese and ducks. The geese were attacking the kids for their bread so I had them stand on the tables... it worked great!

Mace loved the ducks.

The Ashton Family came along also... always nice to have a picnic with good friends.

My only Halloween Picture!!!

At least it rocks!

I thought about having the kids dress up the next day but the costumes had already made there way into the storage bin... just didn't have the energy to get them dressed up again and tackle them for a picture...

Jacob -Ninja
Ireland - Ballerina
Mason - Cookiemonster

More Football...

I seriously had so much fun watching Jacob's flag football that I just had to post a few more pictures of him in action!!! Everyone says they hate seeing their kids grow up... well... I think it is a blast! I love watching them grow and succeed! I am so proud of how hard Jacob works when he sets his mind to something, and I look forward to him growing up!

Making his way around the blocks.

Ireland and Mason playing on the sidelines.

"Don't get my flag!"

This run ended in a TOUCHDOWN!

Mason making his time worth while. Looks Comfy!