Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Demolition Derby
Total Red Neck Fun and well worth it...
We had a night of cheering, ohhs and ahhs watching these cars destroy the others...

Mace was in Heaven!!!

We will have to make this a yearly event... so fun!!!

Herriman High Mustangs

Mark is in the Young Men's Pres... He has some great boys to work with and loves it. Some of his boys are on the Herriman High team... Our kids will be going to Herriman High when they get older... This is a brand new school and the first game ever... We took the kids and cheered on Tanner and Derek... so fun!

A little scare and a big scar!

I'll try not to bore you but for my journaling purposes I have decided to include lots of info in my posts.
Mark and I don't have the best skin, we both remember having burnt blistered skin as kids and to top that we are constantly in the sun boating or playing volleyball. Not the best for our skin type... we now wear sun shirts and plenty of sunblock!
I had noticed a spot/mole on my hand a few months back... I don't really like doctor appointments so I just kept putting it off... I honestly kept thinking to myself, "I better go in, I know this isn't good, I am sure it is cancer... why not me?... crap like this happens to everyone else around me." but the thought of getting a confirming "you have cancer" kept me away for months.
Finally, Mark said we both need to go in so I set the appointment. We both had small biopsies, Me on my hand and Mark on his leg... I also had pre-cancer on my lips... nice!!!
About a week later a Friday afternoon, I am checking my answering machine and it was our dermatologist she said, "Um, I don't mean to alarm you two but I really need to speak with both of you, I am out of the office until Monday so please call back then."
I had the whole weekend to have all the thoughts go through my head like... "Ok it is my turn, I hope Mark is ok without me, I hope the kids are ok... What do I need to accomplish before I go!!!" I know it sounds silly, something so routine but I have every reason to think that I am next!!! It terrifies me!
When I called in Monday... I was devastated!!! It wasn't me... It was Mark, nothing could be worse!!! The thought of Mark gone... can't even go there...
Again, I know this all sounds silly but these were my thoughts... She said Mark had a severely atypical nevus... and they couldn't rule out melanoma!!! He needed to come back in asap to have more removed. I also needed to have more removed but It wasn't urgent or serious just precautionary.
So here we are a few weeks later we both have nice scars... all results came back good... no need to worry! We just need to be checked often.
All that worrying!!! All those crazy thoughts!!! Sure puts things in perspective!

Introducing a newest member of our family...


It took me a while to post this because I wanted to make sure he was a good fit for our family... I went into this new adventure a little sceptical... I like dogs but I don't like the poop, smell and messes they make... I wasn't sure I would like him!
I am sold... He is my new little buddy, he is cute, well mannered (except for the nipping at Mason that is totally provoked! We are working on training Mason...) he has been very easy to potty train, he plays fetch,he loves riding on the boat, he is a good swimmer and even does a few tricks now! (sit, stay/come, lay,) best of all, he loves to cuddle... I love it!
We got him from someone who got him as a gift but couldn't keep him because they were in an apartment. They told us he was a Chihuahua Rat Terrier Mix... perfect I thought... little but still athletic! After a visit to the vet he informed me that there is no chihuahua in him but probably a Jack Russell Terrier and would be bigger than I was planning on... oh well, I already am loving him so I guess his size doesn't matter all that much.
The kids love him and so does Mark... He is just what we wanted!