Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fun at the Hotel Pool.

Bear World
Bear World is in Idaho. You drive through the park and the animals are walking right next to your car. The kids couldn't believe a bear was that close. These are two grizzles fighting or playing. A wolf and a black bear seem to be friends. The moose was eating and some people were feeding the bears from a truck

Breakfast at a picnic spot in Yellowstone. It was foggy and beautiful.

Old Faithful, Hot Pots and a field of steam from hot springs.

We went on a beautiful hike to a waterfall. Coming up the stairs was an adventure. Jacob counted every step on the way up. I believe it was somewhere around 200.

Some of the animals we saw in Yellowstone Park.

View of a gorgeous valley. Our family picture and one with the McNees and Perry kids.

Mark walking on a log.