Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Time Flies...

It is the name of my blog but also describes the last two months perfectly!

I haven't had much down time... I might have posted once in the last few months... not because we aren't doing anything but because I can't find a second to sit down.

Today on the other hand... I have 2 hours!!! Can you believe it 2 hours!!!

Jacob and Ireland are in school and today was mason's first day of pre-school. Don't know quite what to do with myself.

I could work on crossing items off my list like dishes, laundry, bathrooms, finishing one of the 10 projects I have started in the last little while, church stuff ... endless church stuff, organizing the basement, carpet cleaning my white carpet, replacing the light bulb for the blinker in my van, or a million other things that swarm my head when I lay down at night to go to sleep.

What did I decide to do with my precious 2 hours??... blog of course... and attempt to document our fun filled, crazy summer. It was filled with camping, boating, family reunioning, scouting, swimming, hiking, volleyballing, late night talking, and tons of hanging with the fam.

We had a blast exhausting ourselves... I do have to admit a few weekends I was running on fumes... after 3 nights of little or no sleep I let exhaustion get the best of me and had my first yelling fight with my little sis... I thought it important to document the event because of how stupid it was...we made up quick and i am sure it won't happen again... I just need to remind myself to only run as fast as my legs will carry me.... so I don't trip all over myself!!!

Even though the kids are now in school our adventures are not through... Before it gets cold we will head to Lake Powell one more time, hit Yellowstone (maybe) and try and make it to Denver to visit family and get Jacob to a Bronco's game for his birthday.

my attempt to catch up might take a few days... but I promise lots of pictures and I hope to be able to describe the fun that we have had. Hope you enjoy...

Kirby Family Reunion 2010
We had a fun, activity filled weekend...and I mean filled!!!! We went non-stop for 3 days and had a blast.
Our first meeting place was the Fiesta Days Rodeo in Spanish Fork...
We took the whole section... man there are a lot of us!!
These three had a great view.
Claire was sitting front row with Todd and had all the Rodeo Princesses waving at her...

Stuart Falls

We didn't make it home until after midnight... and we were supposed to be at the Stuart Falls trail head at 8:00 am... that meant an early grouchy morning for the kids... but, as soon as we met up with the cousins all grouchyness was gone.

Sawyer and Mace

Making a dam.

Grandma made it all the way.... wahoo!!!

Spencer playing in the water.

Iree and Sam have dirty bums....
We all needed to carry our 30 lb weights so we got a worth while workout.

We all met up at the pool house to spend the whole day... endless fun in the pool, some pretty competitive volleyball going on, food, food, food, and a family history slide show to end it for the night.
Anna the hostess!

Mace Man.

The tube of death!

Man made whirlpool...

Todd and Nate
Taylor, Rachel and little Eden.

Scott... King of the tube!

Andy's birthday cake... of course spider man... if is his favorite. :)
The family reps...
Patrick for the Jim Kirby family,
Becky for the John Kirby Family and
Andy for the Joe Kirby family...
Andy made an awesome picture slide show with pictures most of us had never seen.

Pioneer Day...
We started with the Mapleton parade with all the kids on a float in memory of Dave. Then a few of us headed out to the lake for some fun... then we went to dinner with all the adult cousins, then we went to Julie's house for dessert, games, and fireworks... did I mention we had a full schedule!!!
Human Fuse Ball... this was a blast
Only a few people got pegged in the face... but definitely worth it.

We had a great time with all the cousins and look forward to another in years to come.

Albion Basin Hike
(Alta Ski Resort)
I don't know why I haven't been on this hike before now. It is one of the most beautiful, fun hikes I have been on in years.

Rock Climbers were scaling these cliffs... amazing.
Beautiful Alpine lake at the top.

And of course our favorite... the glacier that we all slid down tons of times... yes we still act like kids and love it!

mace and Joe scaling a cliff

Jacob creating a deadly snowball...
mark speeding down the hill.

"Stop before the lake!!!"

Jacob freezing his butt!

Andy hitting the jumps.

mace did the whole hike without being carried... mark kept calling him "mountain goat" he loved it and tried hard to stay ahead.

mark and jacob.

The Kirbys ... they have been our partners in adventure!!!

Hill Family Reunion
We got together at a canyon park, ate good food and had fun games... Heather hit my nice VB in the river never to be found... ugh!

Games for the teenyboppers!

Crafts for the little ones.

The next day we headed to Turf's house for dessert and skits... We had planned on not doing a skit but at the last second Heather, Andy and I said yes... what were we thinking among all these acting people... we are far from theatrical!!! We role played part of "the move" and will leave it at that! We even got some laughs.

Scout Camp
I went along with these silly boys...
by the end of the day I was sure glad I was only taking one home to live with me.
Opening Ceremonies called for some funny poses from our boys...

These leaders?? makes me chuckle just thinking about how goofy and odd they were... but they could sure get our boys laughing!

Go Carts... pretty cool!

They got to choose a leader to take... they ran into a tree and sent me sailing...
Thanks Boys!

Stamp footprints.


The boys favorite!!! BB GUNS!

I was holding Kryptonite!!!! They had to save me by completing the obstacle course and taking the kryptonite from me... thanks boys!
Fun Day... Lots of Badges, belt loops and electives passed off.

Happy Birthday Dad!!

Iree "my girly"
I made a deal... if she was a good helper getting ready for our Powell trip she could come get a pedicure with me...
She helped... I followed through and walla... one happy pampered girl.

Payson Lakes
I love Payson Lakes for many reasons... beautiful, lake, trees, fishing, trail, swimming, shade, and childhood memories.
We went camping up there two times this year... but forgot my camera both times... i did use my "kind of outdated cell phone" and the pics are a little blurry but still captures the fun.

Walking around the lake... naming all the "turtles" game my friend Linda and I used to do.

Still sunny... but it's coming...

Oh... here's trouble...

Out on the pier...and then we see the hail coming across the water right toward us... sunny and all. We all started sprinting back to camp while getting pelted with hail balls... I love adventures like that.

Todd the "former pyro" helped keep the "current pyro's" in control.

Tepee... or log cabin?

We sang happy birthday to Heidi, Julie and Sammy!

Claire devouring an ice cream cone... yummy!

Warming the bums!

Cousins = Fun

marshmallow mayhem!!

Kaymin getting messy!

Sticky Joe.

Stryde man with the Jumbo Smore!