Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lake Powell

We took a family trip to Lake Powell, Just Mark, myself and the kids. I was a little nervous not having my sidekick/sister, Heather, around to help but we managed just fine. It was a great weekend with just our family. The weather was perfect and the water was beautiful as always.

Jacob and Ireland taking in the view in Clear Creek Canyon.

Kids in an Anasazi Ruin called Three Roof Ruin.

This is the view from Three Roof Ruin... it also gives you a good view of where Jacob rolled a 2 ft boulder off the cliff right into the side of MARK'S NEW BOAT! Lets just say... Jacob learned his lesson and will think twice or maybe even three times before ever rolling a pebble down a hill.

The kids loved the tube... Mark dragged us around forever. They scream if he starts going any faster that what is approved by Jacob (no water spray)... I think Mark will gradually pick up the speed and they wont even realize.

Anyone want to swim?
No Linda... Lake Powell does not have sharks! Just huge ugly fish!

Iree is always up for a photo shoot...

Mark and I at Cathedral in the Desert... Jacob loves being in charge of the camera.

My Boys at Cathedral in the Desert. It is a waterfall that falls into a little pool... it will be covered with water in the coming weeks as the lake rises.

Mark and his Boat!

Iree posing again... Isn't she too cute!

Mason napping... the hum of the boat works every time.

The kids looking in the underground house, another Anasazi Ruin called Defiance House in Forgotten Canyon.

Kids at Defiance House... they all agree this was their favorite spot of the trip.

Fender Fishing... the kids had a blast pretending that the fenders were fish, they would throw them in and then pull them back in the boat... hours of entertainment!

This trip was amazing... My family rocks! We are already checking the calender to find another good weekend to go. Love it!!!

Ireland's Preschool Graduation
Iree had a great year in Miss Sarah's class. She learned a lot and made some great friends. I can't beleive she is headed to Kindergarten in the Fall... time flies!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Who are these Hotties?

My sister-in-law Anna took some pictures on her iphone and made these creations. We were hysterically laughing. So fun!

Mark, Me, Chuck, Todd, Nate, Iree and Ryan are in a shot, ... Mark's is the best... I am even laughing right now just looking at it.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Pure Enjoyment!

I think Mason's Face tells this story... Mark let all the kids take a turn at the wheel Mason was in heaven! He could have driven for hours.

What can I say... I think they are awesome. We have been having so much fun spending quality time together. I love my kids!


I was at meetings all evening and this is what I came home to. I walked in and sat on the couch and watched my family. I love them all so much and to see them all smashed together smiling... I just had to grab the camera and save the moment.

Almost There!!!!

Mace is almost out of diapers... Most days at home this is what Mace looks like. His cute little cars underwear falling off as he runs through the house. As long as I remind him every 10 minutes to go to the potty he does great. I still haven't ventured out with out the diapers but I can see that day coming soon. Does anyone know where you can buy smaller underwear... these are size 2T (the smallest I could find) and they won't stay up without a roll!

More fun on the water...

This night was beautiful...Cold but beautiful. Mark taught Heather and I how to drive, I will need a lot of practice before I feel confident enough to pull Mark... He is pretty picky about the speed, and the wake... I will catch on soon enough.

Each night we are out the sunsets are beautiful... something about water, mountains and sunsets makes me smile.