Saturday, January 20, 2007

What can I say... Just my cute kids!!!

Just a few pictures of Mason and a rare one of me, I usually like to take the pictures.

Mark plays hockey every Saturday. The kids love watching and I love to get out of the house. Jacob actually watches and comments on plays(he is so mark) Iree usually sits right by me and asks for treats the whole game. He has made 4 goals this season!

Iree's First Snowman. She was so excited. She held the carrot and watched while Jacob and I rolled the balls of snow.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

We had a wonderful Christmas we hope you did also. The kids woke up at seven o'clock to see what Santa left for them. Luckily there were no stockings filled with coal.

Christmas Morning :
Jacob got a big bike he was so excited. We went outside to have him ride and his feet couldn't touch the ground. His first ride landed him face down in the snow. Hopefully his legs will grow a few inches before summer.
Iree got a Dora helmet and a pink tricycle with a bucket for her babies to ride in.

Mason got a jumper. (Mostly a gift for mom) Notice Dora going for a ride behind him.

Before the kids went to sleep on Christmas Eve we layed out a plate with cookies and carrots for Santa and his Reindeer, then Mark read the Christmas story to the kids. Iree didn't make it, she fell asleep a little early.

The family and cousins had a blast sleding before the family Christmas party. Iree and Kathryn made a great team.

Mark is a dedicated Bronco fan therefore the kids are Bronco fans. Jacob proclaims to everyone his support for "the best team." His friend Spencer is a BYU fan, the two of them are in a constant battle over who is the better team. They don't quite get the difference of NFL verses College.

Iree's first real hair cut took off about 6 inches. Her older brother "accidentallly" snipped off a chunk so I decided to let the rest go.

Our visit to see Santa was fun. Jacob was excited and couldn't wait to ask Santa for a football. Iree was excited until she saw him walk up and sit on his chair. She was clinging to Mark and not going to sit with him. Then Santa said in a deep voice, "Ireland come and get your candy cane." she left Mark's arms and went to sit on Santa's lap. She still wasn't sold on the idea but at least we got our picture.