Sunday, January 09, 2011

9 year olds are a blast!!!
Each Saturday Jacob has a bball game and afterwards he and his two buddies usually spend the day together... this Saturday it was at our house!!
Jacob got this experiment kit from his grandpa so the boys wanted to give it a try...

The first attempt didn't work so well because they didn't screw the cap on tight enough... there was a big sigh when the diet coke just fizzed out... I ran to the store and grabbed another soda so they could do the experiment again....

This time success!!!

They all thought that was pretty cool... They even got sticky from the explosion!

Here is the video...


U of U Gymnastics
A friend gave us some tickets to the U of U Gymnastics meet. Mark and I thought it would be fun to do a special little date night with Iree. She got to pick out a place to eat (panda of course) and then spend time with her "cool " parents.
I have never been to a gymnastics meet... It was super cool... Iree's favorite was the uneven bars, mine has to be the balance beam... I cringe the whole way through the routine... they are so talented and amazing. We beat the defending champs UCLA... !!!
The Eagle was funny... he was chucking popcorn at the crowd and then ducking when they looked up... people were all getting mad until they realized it was the eagle. Iree thought that was hilarious. She was also very happy when she got to have popcorn and dibbs... yummy!
We all had a great time!

Ice Skating
Mace is doing great...
I didn't have to hold him at all this time... He skated around and around all by himself.

Smiles!!! It was fun to have both Nash and Kylie with us... things are always better with friends.

The boys playing hockey.

We brought sandwiches for lunch... I loved that Mace couldn't even see but he didn't care because he had his sandwich.

Jacob and Nash Snowboarding
They made a big jump and spent the whole day outside perfecting their skills. These two have a blast together.
I saw a few nice crashes!!! Ouch!
Blurry but he got a little air...

Nash hitting a jump.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

I am so excited for 2011...
Every year gets better and better!!
I love change, I love making new goals... I have a long list!!!
I hear so many people say they are sad to see the time pass... not me... Time Flies and I love it!!! I love that my kids are growing and changing constantly... I love every minute of it! We are having so much fun as a family and I look forward to having just as much fun and adventure this year.
Mark and I went skiing/snowboarding on New Years Day with Austin, Kendra, Derrik, and Chuck... It was great! We did the night ski because it was half price and we are always looking for a deal. It was super cold!!! -4 degrees.... my toes and nose went numb, my fingers were stiff but it was all worth it. So fun having some time to hang out with Markos, It was our first "date night" in a long time, we always have a good time.