Friday, May 28, 2010

Mason's Preschool Field Trip
Wheeler Farm
At first Mace said he would do it and Iree said no way!!! Then Iree got on a pony and Mace wouldn't... In the end they both went for a ride... sometimes things are so complicated!!!

Oh Mister Sun,Sun, Mister Golden Sun...
Please shine down on me....


We have been waiting for a good day to go to the lake... By this date last year we had been on the lake 12 times and to Lake Powell once.

We are going Crazy with this weather.

We gave it a shot and froze... but at least we worked out some of the beginning of the season kinks...
(tie downs) Ha Ha... just a little inside joke for some of us to remember.

Mace has been begging and begging to go on the boat... he loves it... and especially loves taking the wheel.

Jacob is very into figuring out how it all works... Mark gave him the rundown and let him take the wheel... Pure heaven for this growing boy!
And yes... he is wearing a life vest... just under his sweat shirt.

Heather was the only one crazy enough to get in the 54 degree water. She does have on 3 wet suits including a 7 mm one that doesn't let you move or even breath.
She would kill me if she saw this picture but she wont because she never looks at my blog so hah!!
Nice look little sis!

Surfing with no fat sacks... at least she can still get up... It's been a long winter.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Our Weekend Away...

The weekend before our 10 year anniversary we planned a little get-away. We didn't have much time so we wanted to stay close. I did a little research and found a nice packaged deal. We went to The Homestead in Midway, Ut.

On Friday night we had massages... seriously funny. Mark was all freaked out... he hadn't had one before and didn't know what to expect. The lady walks us back to the separate dressing rooms gives us robes and says "dress to what's comfortable" I see Mark's eyes go wide and we go our separate ways. I hear my phone get a text and I think to myself. "this is my weekend I am not answering that" then the phone rang... ok, what if Mason is in the ER... I better answer. It was Mark saying... "dress to what's comfortable... what's that all about... to me that means I should put the robe on over my clothes." I was laughing hard and I am sure the ladies thought we were crazies!

The massage was great... a nice relaxing evening!

On Saturday we had breakfast at the little diner and then headed out to play some golf. I haven't played in 8 years... we used to go all the time in Cali. until they wouldn't let us take Jacob anymore... needless to say I was a little rusty! We had planned on doing the driving range so I could get my swing back but... it was such a nice day we wanted to hurry so we could get home and take a spin on the boat. So...We just jumped right in.

All in all I do really like golfing... I need some practice but it could easily become another hobbie...

Mark did great as always!

We always have a great time together... who knew life could be this good???

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

My "Big Boy!"
Yesterday, Mason asked Jacob to get "dad's tools" and take his training wheels off. He was determined to ride his bike like a "big boy." Jacob was so great helping him... they practiced for over an hour.

They decided that for our FHE activity should be a bike ride with dad... Mace and Jacob kept working.
When Mark got home Mace was so excited to show dad what he had learned. Mark still had to guide him a little until Mason yelled out, "I finally figured it out!!!!" For the next hour he rode up and down our sidewalk getting better each time.

(Sorry the video is so grainy... it is my phone... I need to pull out the camcorder instead)

My 3 yr old with no training wheels scares me a lot... this is what he can do now...

Occasionally he focuses on an object to the side and I am sure he is going to run into a tree. When he stops he insists on making a skid mark because it is "cool" and it almost sends him over the handle bars and last of all... he is my baby... I know he is 3 1/2 but he is such a little guy I find myself still carrying him around and treating him more like he is 18mos. or 2. even though he is totally capable of doing all things 4 yr olds do... even this...I have a little dare devil on my hands.


This morning he came into my room at 6:45 and said "Mom, the sun is up... Let's go ride my bike." I think he just found a new favorite.

California Weekend!!!!
I headed to Cali for the weekend to play some volleyball in an alumni tournament. It was so fun to see everyone, to stay with Laura, stomp in my old stomping grounds and of course see the ocean! I left Mark and the kids home so I could have a weekend with the girls.

Laura, Jen, Annie, Lex, Lisa and Heather.

This group proves that 10 years doesn't make anyone grow up... we were all as goofy and silly as ever.

The whole alumni group...

After the games all sweaty...I miss you girls already.

My Coach
Jeff Stork

I do believe I got this one. :)

Nice concentration face...