Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Claire Forever!

Todd and Anna had a big week. Claire's adoption was official last week and this weekend they took her to the temple to be sealed to their family for Time and All Eternity. Such a special day, It made me reflect on the day that Jacob was sealed to Mark and I. It was so precious seeing this awesome, cute family in white.

The Kirby family at the sealing.

Good food and Fun!!
After the sealing we headed to Anna's sister's for the blessing and a party.

Kathryn going head first down the slide.

Jacob trying something new.

Nate having a good time.

Iree loving the pool!

That evening there were fireworks for Claire... well Springville Art City Days happened to be the same day but we like to think they were for Claire.

The kids loved the fireworks.

Hanging around the fire watching the fireworks.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Weekend with the Kirby kids!

I had Heidi's 5 cute kids for the weekend while she was on a much deserved "sister's weekend" in Arizona. We kept busy with 2 family parties, softball, and having fun.
Wow, 8 kids is a lot but they were great and I think they all had a good time.

All 5 Kirby kids sitting on the dock posts. Kaymin, Stryder, Lasca, Brogan, and Joecee.
Joecee giving a smile.

Stryder fell in the stream while trying to jump from rock to rock.

Look at these cute girls!

Lasca standing on the dock... she is on top of the world.

Joecee sitting on the dock.

Lasca on the dock

Brogan on the dock.

Heather and I accidentally bought the same pants... whoops!

Lasca and Joecee jumping on the rocks.

Kaymin giving a smile.

Feeding the troops... Everyone loves noodles!

Kaymin giving a big cheese!


Stryder and his noodles.

Uncle Chuck playing with the kids at the pool.

Kaymin floating... she is so good in the water.

Lasca and Kaymin having a blast.

Kids playing at the pool.

Kaymin playing at the Beach!

Stryder building a sand castle.

All the kids playing on the dock.

Our set up at the Beach park.

Brogan playing softball.... She did great!

Goodbye 1st Grade!

Jacob and his 1st grade teacher Mrs. Faux.

1st grade was awesome...
Jacob learned so much and loved his teacher! She was fun and had the nicest things to say about him! 2nd grade here we come!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Sunday Night Walk...

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Oh how these kids want a kitten!

Julie has kittens at her house... Ryan, the big tease, keeps telling Iree she can pick one out to take home... problem... Mark, me and Jacob can't breathe when cats are around! Iree said she would keep it in her room and not let it out. So sad! I told her to pick one out and we will leave it at Ryan's house... he can take care of it and we will just visit. It is working out nice for us. :)

He's all mine!!!

Just so you know... he actually wears board shorts!!! When you come out with us you don't have to worry about seeing Mark in his speedo! Maybe he might have a tan by then also. One thing I love about Mark is that he doesn't care what people think...sometimes I wish I could be more confident like him.
Always out to get a laugh!

Creating a surfer!

So naturally I want Jacob to love what I love... I think we are almost there with surfing. As the water is getting warmer he is easier to convince... a bribe of $5 helps also!

Out on the boat... I mentioned a few posts back... most of our outings this summer will be on water... don't get too bored of our pictures... we are having a blast! Here are a few pictures from the last few trips...

I love just relaxing with the kids... Mace is about to fall asleep, he loves riding the tube, holding up the orange flag, helping get the rope for the surfer, and of course eating snacks.

Chuck is getting good! He is starting to love surfing. He entertains us with his swan dives before he crashes... hilarious!

Heather always makes us with laugh her squill... she can't fall without squilling.

Taylor and his cute family met up with us...

Taylor is a natural and his wife Rachel is also I'm sure, but she is prego so we will have to wait a few months to see her moves. Wesley and Jacob had a great time hanging out and riding on the tube.

My brother Andy and his family...

I got Jaquelyn out surfing...don't know if she really enjoyed it but we were able to throw in the rope and last a few seconds.

Andy is looking thin and trim these days... all of our early morning workouts are paying off! Look at those biceps!

Wanda gave it a shot... she popped right up and went for a ride.

The kids love hanging out in the front looking for fish... the water is too brown to see even an inch into the water.
Chuck taking the kids out on the tube.