Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007
Trip to Colorado to Visit Mark's Family
The car ride is about 9 hours. The DVD player helped us for about the first hour and then wouldn't work the rest of the trip. We moved to plan B at that point... Bribe with Candy.
The kids did very well and We all had a wonderful visit.

Thanksgiving Dinner
at Aunt Wendy and Uncle Bob's

Grandma reading to Mason and Vaughn.Uncle Randy and Mason
Jacob, Andrew and Sam played in the basement the whole evening.
They would attack anyone walking down the stairs and then ask you to send down someone else. By the end of the evening everyone had a chance to be attacked by the boys.
Traffic Jam
A mind game kept a few busy.

Great-Grandma Hayson played ball with Mason.
He would toss it to her and she would toss it back.
Vaughn had fun with the ball and Grandma also.

Hanging out at Grandma's
Iree is helping Grandma make breakfast.

Jacob and Vaughn at the piano.

Mason and Vaughn eating apples.

Grandpa McNees' House
Mark with his dad, sister Jen and brother Randy.

Family Picture
Iree was already asleep for the night. We had a great visit.

Grandpa and Jacob wrestled for hours.
I don't know how either of them kept going and going for so long.

At the Park with Grandma Brink
Iree loves to take control. Jaxs puts up with her a little better than Jacob or Mason.

A Visit With Grandpa Brink
Dave took us out to a Japanese Steakhouse. Mark and I love sushi. The chef was cooking at our table. Iree was in shock when the flames were flying. Here, the chef is making a fire volcano out of onions. We had a good time.

Grandpa Brink and Mason
Mason was about done with his trip at this point. He was so wonderful for the first three days but the lack of naps and the constant driving got to him. We were lucky to catch him not screaming.

When the boys were giving Grandpa a good-bye hug
the dogs didn't want to miss out

Grandpa set up a tent in the bedroom
for the kids to sleep in.
It was like camping in the woods.

Grandpa, Cullen and the kids.

Iree and cousin Vaughn playing.

Grandma Hayson's German Pancakes
Mark cannot leave Colorado without having a German Pancake breakfast with Grandma Hayson. It has become a tradition to stop by her house on our way out of town.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Here they are.
We had last minute changes. Mason was a happy little bumble bee. Iree was going to be Dora but she walked out the door as a Cow. Jacob was going to be a knight but throughout the day it went from hockey player, football player, power ranger, Indian, to "I just wont dress up." Finally he decided on a knight wearing football pants with an Indian bow and arrow.

Whatever works!!

Jacob's 6th Birthday

Army Party
The boys all painted their faces and we had army challenges. One of those challenges was tug-o-war. The boys beat Mark!!! I bet he didn't want me to say that!

Grandma Brink came to visit.
We had a lot of fun getting ready for Halloween. She got all sorts of decorations and we made spider cupcakes. We also went to Mark's Hockey game. The kids sure love Grandma.

Mark's Hockey Game

Just a nice day. Thought I would take some pictures of the kids.

Jacob : Dolphin Award
Each month Jacob's school has a value and one child from each grade is recognized for displaying that value. October was Kindness. Jacob's teacher nominated him she said "Jacob is a great example of kindness. He uses kind words and is a good friends to those in our class." He got his picture with the Principal.
We are so proud of him.

Iree's First Day of Pre-school
Her teacher is Mrs. Holly
I was expecting to stay a while so she could get used to the class but as soon as we arrived she said "Mom, this is my school you have to go." I took a few pictures and left. She loves it. Mrs Holly says she is quiet but follows direction well.

Mark and Mason's Birthday
Mason wanted to touch the candle. He loved the cake. Mason got a riding tigger and Mark got some high powered toothbrushes (so exciting).