Monday, November 29, 2010

Enjoying the Snow!!!!
We have had some pretty big snow storms the last week...
I love winter when there is snow. I love how clean everything looks and I love that our sledding hill is just out the front door. No more packing up the car... I just push them out the door.
We have been having a blast!!!

Jacob attacking Mark... Snowball fights never end good!

Mace is sledding all on his own... He even hauls his own tube or sled up the hill... He stays out here for hours with Jacob... No injuries Yet!!
This jump dumps him every time. At first I went running down to make sure he was alright... he said, "Mom, that was awesome!!!!" Now I just watch and cringe a little every time he hits it.

The Fam... even Odie. We love when daddy can hang out with us!!!

This is Odie's Christmas present from the kids... they convinced me to give it to him early... I am such a push-over!!! I was a little embarrassed dressing up my dog, I am usually laughing at other people when the pamper their pets... I guess he is really part of the family now.

Dad going for a ride...

Mace loves being out here... always all smiles!!

Penguin Style!!!

I always fit in my turn... I still love it!

Man, I love my family... aren't they cute?!!!

Dad taking his turn.


Odie wants to jump on the pile...

We went to my mom's this year... good food and family like always!!
Me, Heather and the kids slept over and then Mark and Chuck joined us on Thanksgiving. They went to the Jazz game the night before and has fun with the boys.

Cards and Boggle...

Our cousin has a new little baby... I loved holding the little cutie and Iree wanted a turn also... Mace asked me a few times if we were taking her home... I think he was nervous watching me give so much attention to the baby... No worries Mace... your my baby!

Monday, November 15, 2010

U of U Volleyball Tournament.
Mark played in a tournament this weekend against all the college club teams. UVU, Utah State, U of U, Air Force, Smash, and a few others.
I think he is finally back after that horrible shoulder surgery.

We had Lasca with us for the weekend. The kids love having her around. Bend-a-rooo's are the best gym toy ever!

I love watching good volleyball...

Pumpkin Patch
We got in our yearly visit to the pumpkin patch... The kids always love pushing around the little wheel barrows and picking out their very own pumpkin.
They have all sorts of farm equipment for pictures... here is a horse trailer... the kids thought it was great to jump inside.

What to pick... what to pick...?

Mace and Odie.
Mace Man.

Halloween "FUN"

I think I have expressed in the past my "love" (dislike) for Halloween... I think this one just confirmed my opinion of the holiday.

My week was crazy... Iree and Jacob each had 4 separate events they had to get dressed up and take candy to... Mace had 3. By Friday I was already sick of the costumes and so were the kids...

This picture is on Friday morning before school... Jacob instructed me that I needed to do it tighter this time because when he walked it got loose at the other parties he had been to... I started to wrap tight. I was running out of time and asked Iree to go wake dad up to help... when he got down Jacob was saying he didn't feel good... he then started to panic and say, "mom, cut it off!!! cut it off!!!" and then he passed out right into Mark's arms... I quickly took scissors and cut the whole thing off when he came to he puked all over my bare feet... did I mention I "love" Halloween.

Mark and I cleaned everything up and I threw the hours of sewing in the trash. He felt back to normal after he got some air and food... and luckily had a Bronco uniform that he could through on and head to school. No more Mummies!

Here is Iree at the school Halloween Parade...

The Bronco feeling better.

I failed to take pictures at the rest of the events but Mace was a viking...

UV Alumni Weekend
I met up with a bunch of the UV girls for dinner and to watch the UVU vs. BYU volleyball game. We always have a blast catching up and laughing. I tried to convince all these old ladies to play in the alumni game but they say they are retired... come on!!!
We always have a blast playing in the UV Alumni game... Good Volleyball and again, lots of laughs.

Sunday Afternoon Walk
I love the look of golden grass in pictures so we went on our Sunday afternoon walk and took our photographers Chuck and Heather with us as always... I like a few of the shots... this is my favorite.
I wish they would invent an invisible tape to hold my eyes open when I smile... Oh well, it's just me...

My handsome Jacob

My Little Mason in growing up so fast!!!

Iree and I... she had to have her flower on display.

My awesome family!!!

My little clone... Iree.

My boys.

Hockey Saturdays
Mark's Hockey league started up again... the kids and I love watching daddy play.
#99 is a great number and easy for Mace to pick out... He kept saying, "there's double nine, there's double nine!"
Mace Man!!

Spence and Jacob...

Iree, always finding a corner and building a "hut" even at a hockey game.

Mark in a face-off.

Burley ID, Again...
After our last visit to Michelle's house the kids have been begging to go back... I grabbed Julie and her boys and went back up for a few days... We had a blast just hanging around the house... I only broke out the camera on our little excursion through the fields.
Here is a neighbor who has llamas... the kids loved seeing these crazy animals up close.

It is so crazy... No mountains just fields as far as you can see.

Here is Michelle's house... a little different from my neighborhood where I can look out my window and see what the neighbors are having for dinner.

Sawyer and Mace trying to keep up.

Iree loving being at her cousins... she loves hanging with Sunny and Sammy.