Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Christmas Morning

Jacob and Iree went to bed shaking they were so excited. (I remember that feeling) They decided to camp out in Iree's little tent in her room. They had strict instructions for the morning... they were to come and get us, then we would walk downstairs as a family to see what Santa brought. At 5:00 in the morning my "mothering ears" were alerted!! I quietly walked out into the hall only to catch Jacob coaxing Iree to go and see what Santa brought. She was on the third step! I couldn't believe it. I can remember wanting to go take a look so bad but I never got up the guts to do it. Mark says he snuck down almost every Christmas to see... only Santa wrapped his presents as a child so there wasn't much harm done. Anyway, after a little scolding... Mark made them sit in there room until 6:00. I was laying awake in bed that whole hour just thinking how long this hour was for Jacob and Iree. At 6:00 we went downstairs youngest to oldest to see what Santa brought.

Jacob got an electric scooter. Didn't Santa know he is only 6! Maybe next year Santa can help pay some medical bills that might result from his gift.

Santa brought Iree some baby furniture and a baby that pees in a toilet. Yippie! Mason got a xylophone and a dog you pull with a string.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Christmas Eve

Mason is handing out pajamas to everyone. We all got in our pajamas, played games, sang Christmas songs and read the Christmas Story.

Body Sledding

At this point we didn't have a sled so we went sledding anyway. This is a hill about 30 yards from our front door.
Ready, Set, Go...

Mason is loving it.
He smiled and laughed every time. He only started to cry when we were walking home.

I love close ups.

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a Penguin!

Historical Moment:
Mark is pretty much good at everything. And I mean everything. Sports, singing, video games, being smart... get my drift. If he tries it; he is good at it. Well, Jacob challenged him to try his snowboard, so Mark took the challenge and fell right on his butt! Jacob and I couldn't stop laughing... like i said, "historical moment." I have a feeling this isn't going to make any sense to most of you but at least Me, Jacob, and Uncle Chuck understand.

Santa Came 2 Days Early

Mark's Mom (Grandma Brink) drove a stormy many hour trip from Denver in a Uhaul pulling a trailer with her car. She and John arrived at 8:00 a.m. on Sunday morning. Mark was singing in the choir for the Christmas Program at church so they joined us for an hour of singing. Afterward we unloaded the Uhaul which contained many goodies!
We spent some time opening gifts and playing with the kids. By 4:00 p.m. They were driving away in her car back to Denver.
What a thoughtful trip.

This is us beginning with the Giant Stocking of fun little gifts from Grandma.

Jacob is beyond a Bronco Fan these days. There is never a day when he isn't wearing some form of bronco clothing. Now he has a coat to top it all off. He loves it ! Often someone says, "Go Broncos" ... He confidently smiles back.

We are all helping to open Mason's Tomas the Train. We can't get it out fast enough.

Our little princess has her own vanity. She loves being a girl. Like most of you know I have never been much of a fingernail painting, make-up wearing, dressing up kind of girl But... I am learning now. Ireland loves all of these things and we spend most of the time during Mason's naps playing babies, doing hair, painting nails or dressing up.
She is painting Grandma's fingernails so nice.

Linda also made Mark's day. She brought us her piano. We backed the U haul right up to the front door and rolled the piano in. Mark has been wanting to take piano lessons for a while now. I had been looking at pianos for over a year. This was the best gift ever. Mark and I sat up late that night trying to recall anything from the lessons I took as an ungrateful child. Not much was there!! We did manage to play some simple hymns. Mark picks up on things so fast... he will be playing great shortly.

Ireland's Preschool Christmas Program

The class sang "Santa Claus is coming to Town." Most of the kids mumbled until the part where they got to shake their finger at us and scream "SO BE GOOD FOR GOODNESS SAKE!"

Showing some dancing moves singing "Frosty the Snowman."

Of course... "Rudolf"
She was singing this song around the house for weeks. She knew every word and action, but she started out softly singing with her little voice. I could barely pick her voice out from the rest. Then, out of the blue I could hear her over everyone. I had to smile

No party is a party without brownies!