Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Family Bike Rides!!!
This has new meaning for us...
No training wheels, no trailer, and no little whiny kids.
Mark is always hoping up onto rocks, benches, and railings...the kids are always in awe of what dad can do.

I couldn't get enough of this sight... I love my family.

Temple trails are like a little roller-coaster. The kids loved the hills.

Iree had to get a picture up on the same bench dad was jumping off.

Almost There!... We went on a 3 miler with this little guy peddling his legs at hyper speed. He slept good that night.

Mark entertaining... again, the kids are in awe... I have to admit so am I. He can do everything!


I think this will be a very common sight... what a blast.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

"The move"
my grandparent's move was very eventful... lots of laughs, sighs, frustrations all around, and a lot of "go,go,go" you know our generation!!!
When we pulled up to start loading... There was only a little itty bitty uhaul truck... we all new right away that we were going to need a lot more room!!! Grandpa was pretty insistent that it would fit...we ended up scrambling to get the largest Penske truck available that day and filled it to the door... we also filled all of our cars and a whole 4-wheeler trailer.

Half of the garage goods...

I am sure the move was hard for Grandpa... he was overwhelmed and then just sat down and started playing his harmonica.

part of the crew...
There are many tidbits to this story that make me smile... i will just list a few to jog my memory later... the gnome, the worms, the wine cellar, the original boxes, the oil can, the black widows, the storage unit, the miscommunication, the drives... each one a worthwhile memory.