Monday, August 31, 2009

"A Fancy Nancy 5th Birthday"
For those of you who don't know who Fancy Nancy is... she is Iree's favorite. In a book she is a little girl who loves to dress up in her mom's clothes and use fancy words... yep...that's my girl!!!
Heather and I pulled out anything "Fancy" old dance dresses, high heeled shoes, some old jewlery, and wala... a little girl's dream. They all looked so cute and then they sat down for a tea party and had to use fancy words... so cute.
Dress up time!

I think the girl's favorite part was try on the shoes... thanks to Heather we came up with a decent ammount... you all know me and dressy clothes...

All the Fancy girls in color, I had to beg them to keep on the boas for the picture... they were super ichy for some of the girls... I think this picture turned out way too cute!

Heather joining in the fun... she was a great help and the girls loved her.

The Princess!

Lots of yummy food, we tried to make it look fancy... cupcakes, wafers, pizza with toothpicks, grapes, tomatos, olives, carrots, lemonade and the biggest hit... colored mini marshmellows.

The girls all enjoying the food... It was so cute to hear them say, "Please pass the pizza, Darling."

When the attention is all focused on her she gets a little shy... time to sing Happy Birthday.
Jacob was a great waiter... He insisted on sticking around so I put him to work... I should have had him put on his suit.

The Children's Museum.
I took Iree and Mace along with my friend Anika and her kids to the Museum... there is endless activities for the kids... they can touch and play with everything... My bateries went out on the camera so I only got these two pictures. Iree and Maelyn played for an hour in the grocery store and Mace just love it all. Great place... I need to go a few more times to make my membership worth it...

No Saturdays go to Waste!!!
Even though it was in the 50's and freezing we still had to get on the boat... this time we went up to Park City, Jordanelle Resevour. The good thing about boating on a day like this... you have the lake to yourself... Notice all the hoods!

Austin taking a picture of me taking a picture.

Heather all bundled up.

Austin and Kendra... they always come with us on the stormy days... I hope they don't think it is always like this.

Chuck and his new wake skate and shoes... who knew you are supposed to wear shoes in the water... this board rocks!!! Wake skating is a blast. Thanks for the sweet board Chuck!

Austin the wetsuit model.

Austin on the Wakeboard.

"Do I have to go again? OK..."

Swim Lessons
Iree and Jacob took swim lessons the whole summer in the eastlake pool. They both improved so so much... Iree will put her head under water now and she is quickly becoming a little fish... she even teaches Mason and has him right at her level.

Jacob is learning the strokes and loves it...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Picnic anyone?

Iree is constantly setting up picnics... mostly for her and Mason. The location and accessories vary but every evening we are hauling in loads of stuff... With summer coming to an end and my little girl headed off to Kindergarten Yahoo!!! I just wanted to document her favorite activity.

Belly surfing?....

I don't know what to call it but Chuck tried it and we couldn't stop laughing... He was having a blast... I can't wait to try it next time we are out!

We took the Farnworth's out to Utah Lake and as always we had a good time. Except that my favorite surfboard broke!!! I was out surfing and I felt like I had no control, I turned the board over and notice the scag was bent flat... always something more to fix... yahoo.

The boys being crazy...

Austin giving surfing a shot... so glad he tried... he just couldn't stop thinking about the 5 ft carp swimming around his legs.

Julie got up and gave a good smile.

Julie and her oldest Austin... man... he is looking like a man!

Ryan also gave it a try... he wanted to knee board... we will have to work on getting one of those for next time.

Payson Lakes

Thursday I was sitting around bored... I called my sister Julie and said I wanted to come hang out with her... I headed out and then spoke to my brother Andy... He was up at Payson Lakes (my favorite) he said come up... I quickly turned the car around packed for a 3 day camping trip in 1/2 hour and headed to Payson Lakes... Julie and the boys joined us for dinner also. It was just me and the kids which makes the quiet night a little more scarry when Mark isn't next to me but we survived and had a great time. Mark, Heather, and Chuck joined the next night.

Look at all those kids... and that is only have of the Kirby grandkids!

Iree and Jacob fishing... I loved this shot.

Iree and her first fish... she had to be convinced to touch that string... she wanted nothing to do with the fish.

Mason watching the ducks.

Having fun playing on the logs.

Mason and Karolyn were best buds as long as they didn't touch each others stuff! They really had a good time together. Look at Mason's glowing hair...

An attempt rafting on a raft with no bottom... worked for a few minutes... then they had to drop off the extra luggage.

Stuart Falls

This was one of my favorite places when I was a teenager... I think it was because Michelle loved going and always asked for me to come up here. The trail head is just a little past Sundance. I had never taken Mark or the kids so we decided to take a Sunday walk.

Heather loves this place about as much as I do.

Mason looks a little sleepy... we woke him up from a car nap as usual.
This place is gorgeous.

There's a smile!!!!

My little hikers!!!

Iree whined about half of the way until I held her hand and dragged her along... she has a little problem with tripping... Mason did great when we let him out of the backpack... His little legs just don't go very fast so when we wanted to make some distance we threw him back in the pack

Chuck disappeared and took some great pictures of the flowers. We soon found him and kept a better eye on him. :)

Jacob... It is hard to get him in pictures because he is all over, climbing and jumping so I made him stop and smile...Look he has teeth again!

Back in the day I would go under the falls and get soaked... I was content with a little mist this time.

Iree and a caterpillar... It was in the path and she wanted it to be safe on the leaves so she picked it up examined it for a minute and found a leaf on the side of the trail for it to lay. She also won the contest for how many "wee-beasties" we saw.

When we got back to the car we ended up picking up a hitch-hiker.... Ohhh scarey! No, there was a group of ladies that came down the wrong trail after hiking Mt. Timp... There car was at another trail head miles away... We squeezed one of the ladies in and dropped her off at her car, I think they sought us out seeing we had kids probably ment we were safe.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Neighborhood Fun!!

Seriously, I love my neighborhood... Alyson had the idea, and the hose and I pulled out the tarp and of course the dish soap. The kids had a blast!